The Swedish Batman is Leather Patch!

The Swedes have their own name for Batman: Läderlappan.

It literally translates to: Leather Patch.

Okay…I kid, not really. Läderlappen actually means Bat.

The ‘man’ is lost along the way though.

Errr, va?!

{thanks to Khawar for posting this to the FB page}

For the Swedes who seem to be confused and refuse to accept Batman is called Läderlappen, here are comic book covers from 1981.

7 thoughts on “The Swedish Batman is Leather Patch!”

  1. Lol, lm born i. Sweden and i have never heard someone say läderlappen? Dont know where you have heard that, we say batman too. Ja va bara tvungen att skriva det.

  2. Läderlappen means Leather patch not bat the word for bat is fladdermus.

    Fladdermusmannen (Batman) doesn’t have the same ring as Läderlappen.

  3. Google läderlappen. Better yet, here:

    Läderlappar (Vespertilionidae) är en familj i ordningen fladdermöss med omkring 320 arter, spridda över hela jorden (utom i polarområdena). I Europa finns omkring 25 arter. Samtliga i Sverige funna fladdermöss tillhör denna familj.

    Obviously if you’re from Sweden (Mr. “I’m Sweden you’re not”-using-a proxy-server-and-fake-email-address) you missed out.

  4. Yeah, Läderlappen it was! Until we realised that everyone else said Batman – much cooler!

  5. You might say that Läderlappen died with the first Batman movie featuring Michael Keaton – On the other hand, to me, Läderlappen is the comic book character and Batman is the movie character. I do believe that this comic book died in Sweden at about the same time though. Sweden has had a love affair with English/American words since basically that period in time I think. Nowadays, titles for movies aren’t even translated/changed at all. Back then, Swedish distributors started to translate American movie titles into other completely different but still ENGLISH titles. The original titles didn’t feel relevant enough, but hey, ENGLISH IS KEWL!

    Superman is also called “Stålmannen” in Swedish. But when you’re talking about the movies (atleast recent), you’re talking about Superman. “Stålmannen” is also what “Stalin” would translate to in Swedish, which I find amusing.

    This strange “love affair”/English is Kewl goes even futher. E.g. when talking about things in other countries with “strange” local language names, the names are often translated into English in Swedish media. A recent example of this is the Greek political party “Chrysi Avgi”, which is should reasonably be written as “Gyllene Gryning” as a proper Swedish translation – but is instead quite mysteriously given the English translation “Golden Dawn”. This is pretty much standard for translation of foreign movements and parties now: Instead of translating the names to Swedish, the English translation is used.

  6. Yes, Läderlappen is the traditional name for Batman in Sweden, though it pretty much disappeared in the late 80’s with the Tim Burton movie, and, as you say, it’s from a very old name for bats. I’d say most Swedes have no idea about this – though somewhat older people who grew up reading the Läderlappen comics will likely remember the name.

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