Walking/Jogging Routes in Stockholm

One of the best perks of living in Stockholm is walking around the city. There are so many islands and little walkways to enjoy the scenery of the water and the city.

I began jogging in an attempt to lose the Christmas-Easter holiday weight. Thus far, I haven’t lost anything but that could be because of the kanelbullar.

The best place that had maps was The Swedish Heart and Lung Society {Hjärt- & Lungskukas Riksförbund}. They have a collection of running trails they recommend throughout Sweden. You can pick any city in Sweden and get a map.

Here are few maps I love in the Stockholm area.

Kungsholmen island tour

Södermalm – the hipster route

Djurgården-Brunnviken border route

Lidingö – the bougie route

Sundybyberg – Solna – the double lake route

The Five Island run – a run through Södermalm, Liljeholmen, Stora Essingen, Lilla Essingen, Kungsholmen, and Långholmen

View Five Island Stockholm Run in a larger map

If you have a favorite map, link up below and I will embed it in the post.

Now time to get my feet dancing and ready for bikini time on the strand!

4 thoughts on “Walking/Jogging Routes in Stockholm”

  1. Another nice route is all around Södermalm. This route is all on the water, and is around 11km. It’s a good walk/jog, continuous trails/paths with lots of people.

    If you start at Slussen, walk down to Eriksdalsbadet, then to the water, and walk! :-)

  2. This is most useful!

    I will be living in Sundbyberg from now on, so I will definitely try the double lake route -although I will probably start with just one lake (5 km) rather than the full course (10-11 km)

    The Kungsholmen island tour is also a good one.

    Another route, similar to the five island run, but going east rather than west: Kungsholmen (Norr Mälarstrand) – Vasastan (Vasabron) – Gamla Stan – Sodermalm (Söder Mälarstrand) and Langholmen (Längholmsgatan)

  3. Is there any hiking route near Stockholm?
    I’m moving to Stockholm in a few months, and me and my girlfriend like to go on hiking few times a year. We have 1000m high mountain near our hometown where we can hike all day long and climb to some mountain lodge for a hot meal in a nature.
    Is there anything similar in Sweden?
    I’ve been to Hammarybacken, but that’s not really a challenge :)

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