Sweden Gets Ready for New Banknotes & Coins

I love European money, well the Euro and the Kronar. They are colorful, different shaped banknotes for each denomination and usually have cute/bizarre images on the notes.

Sweden has a colorful collection with dead people on the notes (you have to be dead – sorry Swedish Chef). But since the notes are 25 years old; there’s been no updates to the printing and security features, the Riksbank (the Swedish Mint) announced a design competition to create a collection of new notes for the country.

The winner was announced last week. The jury chose Göran Österlund’s entry “Kulturresan/Cultural journey” as the starting point for the new bank notes.

Each note has a motif and color which was predetermined by the jury:
20 kronor
Astrid Lindgren

50 kronor
Evert Taube

100 kronor
Greta Garbo

200 kronor
Ingmar Bergman

500 kronor
Birgit Nilsson

1000 kronor
Dag Hammarskjöld

My favorite are these two because of the backsides. They didn’t win but they were cool.

If you notice, the Riksbank will be introducing a new note, the 200 kronor to ease change carrying and breaking of 500kr notes. The new styles will not enter circulation until 2015 and the new coins, pictured below, will enter circulation in 2016.

The new coin will be a 2kr and the lowest coin is the 1kr. Death to the 50 öre!

Security features include sparking, a color shifting ink used in the new US banknotes and motioning, a window thread where micro-lenses are embedded to give the feeling of movement of the subject.

I already like the Swedish banknotes, especially Carl von Linné’s 100kr note with a superimposed image of bumble bee staring at you.

I will have to keep a copy when Mint begins to fade out the current collection.

But what I found really interesting about Sweden’s banknotes, the most popular, circulated note is the 500kr. There are 114 million 500kr notes in current circulation, that is 57 billion kronor out of a total 95 billion kronor in circulation. And there are 28 million 1000kr notes in circulation, amounting to 28 billion kronor. I wonder how much of that is black money.

7 thoughts on “Sweden Gets Ready for New Banknotes & Coins”

  1. Anyone notice the random QR code on the 500 note? That’s pretty techy, and dorky of the Swedish government.

  2. Sapphire!!

    This is completely un-related, but I just wanted to share good news with you: I’m going to Sweden for a year!
    I just received a scholarship from the Swedish government to do a 1 year masters at Karolinska! I am super excited! I’ve been reading this blog so much for the past year and I think it definitely informed my decision to go. After I take my MCAT in May, I’ll start looking for housing. Hopefully I’ll room with a Swedish student to try to get into her circle of friends/better absorb the culture. One of my friends told me to put an add on blocket.se, so will be doing that soon. Hopefully it’s all safe. I’ll be reading your post on finding housing for sure.

    Anyway, super happy to say hasta pronto to the Bay Area and HEJ to Prins Carl Phillipe ;) tehehe

    Thanks for providing this incredible Swedish discussion platform, Sapphire! <3

    LH :)

  3. @lh
    Be aware, housing on Blocket.se does indeed exist, however it is often ridiculously overpriced; luckily, sub-letting an apartment at a higher price than the original rent is a criminal act, so if the price seems abnormally high, just get in contact with Hyresgästföreningen (http://www.hyresgastforeningen.se/In_English/Sidor/default.aspx) and they’ll get in touch with the people you’re renting from and threaten to put them before court :)

  4. Garbo, Lindgren, and Bergman I already know, who are the other (allegedly) famous Swedes on the there?

  5. @Andrew – Riksbank says,
    The banknotes will be:
    – made of cotton paper
    – of thicker paper than the current banknotes, which improves the quality
    – equipped with special features in intaglio print for the visually impaired.”

  6. I’m personally pretty sad about the new money- mostly because of the look. I don’t like that they are now going to be PHOTOS on the money, instead of illustrations. I think it looks so plastic and fake.

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