Dear Adobe, You Have Crap Customer Service

I know I complain about customer service in Sweden a lot. But today, I bring you one of the worst companies I have encountered with personally. I’m not the only one who thinks their service sucks. You can read here, here, here, here, and here about horror stories from Adobe Service.
That was in 2009…Opps.

Even Lambert Walst, a VP at Adobe wrote:
“Our customers have experienced a level of service that is inconsistent with what they expect and deserve. This is unacceptable and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are working diligently to resolve these issues.”
That was in 2009…Opps.

I thought buying a product online would be easy. And I thought, hell, it’s Adobe Lightroom, the standard for photographers, so why not get the latest version.

And yet, BUYING a product is impossible from their website. The amount of complaints and issues with the company appear that they tacitly encourage pirating.

I bought Lightroom on April 12th. After receiving an already dumb email that it takes one business day to process an order, I was already pissed off. Why one business day?

Here’s how buying a software product works online:
1. You put an item in the cart.
2. You go to “buy” and put in your credit card details. The gods at the credit card company approve immediately or not.
3. You receive the email with a download and serial number.
4. You install and everybody is happy!

Adobe, however, believes in this buying process:
1. You put an item in the cart.
2. You go to “buy” and put in your credit card details. The details go into credit limbo hell.
3. You receive an email from Adobe that says:
“Thank you for visiting the Adobe Store. We are currently reviewing your order! You will receive an email within the next business day confirming the status of your order. Your credit card will not be charged until your order has been processed. Information about your order is as follows:..”

4. You never receive an email again.
5. Your order in your adobe service account online has disappeared.
6. Your order number is no longer valid.
7. Your credit card (in my case, Paypal) has a “pending” against the order. Obviously, some genious at Adobe decide to process the order half-assed.

8. You go to Adobe website to write an email to figure out what happened. There is NO email contact. There is NO way to even fill out a contact form.
9. You find out the only way to contact Adobe is to call them and waste your international minutes on hold. Or just be on hold forever.
10. You cry and whine for several hours over the stupidity of a company’s customer service.
11. You give up.

I sent off several emails listed on The Consumerist website to the executives. I don’t expect a response and half the mails have already bounced back. If Adobe does contact me, I will update the post.

In the future, Adobe will have to give me their products for free. I cannot in good faith pay a company to treat me like an idiot in order to have their products. It makes me sad to leave the Adobe family, but I would like to keep some dignity in tact.

Until then, recommendations for a Lightroom equivalent software? I’m willing to pay up to $300 for it.

5 thoughts on “Dear Adobe, You Have Crap Customer Service”

  1. I wonder if Konsumentombudsmannen (The swedish consumer’s right agency) has any sway in a matter like this, considering the item was bought from a non swedish company. I’ve never had to contact them but they have a pretty good reputation.

  2. I thought about that but since I bought it via the US site (with a US address), I don’t think Konsumentombudsmannen can help. Perhaps if I had used a Swedish address??

    Let’s see, I hope Adobe resolves it in a good manner.

  3. @Johnny – I’ve seen some people recommend Aperture. Do you like it? (I do have a Mac :) ).

    @Christopher – I’ve given up. Got through to Adobe via email and they have no solution on how I can buy the product with my US credit card and US address but be based in Sweden (that’s why TWICE I was rejected but of course their system didn’t give me a reason).

    They said I had to buy from the Swedish site but alas I have no Swedish card to use. Plus why should I be punished and pay 30% more?

    Well, they never replied back…bahh…

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