9 Issues That Tear America Apart {And Don’t Need To}

I know I complain a lot about Sweden and Stockholm and the Swedish people but there are days when I am ashamed to be American. That is because there are Americans who choose to force their ‘rights’ onto others because of their religious believes or morality. I am fine if you want to express yourself religiously, but at the cost of my rights and common sense, it is unacceptable and illegal.

Many of these ‘issues’ in the US are not issues in other developed societies (gay rights and abortion for example), yet we make an entire political campaign on a wedge issue that does not to improve the economy or state of the union.


The hottest topic ever to cross modern societies: do women have the right to abort fetuses? And where does a embryo become a fetus with feelings?

I am pro common sense and I am pro rationality but I will not stand for people who pledge abstinence, are against abortion, and then use welfare stamps to feed their many babies because they lacked common sense to do family planning.

We should institute a new bill. If one believes contraception and abortion is immoral, then they and their family are not eligible for welfare stamps, Medicaid, or any poverty assisting program benefits. They are too poor to take care of a child but too ignorant to use a condom? I am not using taxpayer money to take care of more ignorant children they create.

Just like the people who want welfare recipients to take drug tests to get benefits, welfare recipients should take “Common Sense” tests to prove they have enough brains to not screw up the next generation of babies they create.


Gay Marriage
It is shameful to know a that country like the United States can stand at the same level as Uganda. They want to pass a bill that will not only criminalize homosexuality but can carry the death penalty for engaging in homosexual acts. Who’s helping them? Conservatives in the United States.

When people still feel it acceptable to strip others of their human rights because they share a different point of view is a slippery slope to playing God and marginalizing people. In extreme cases that leads to genocide.

Most epic idiotic battle ever. The Senate votes 51-48 to table a bill that would allow “employers and health insurance companies deny coverage for contraceptives and other items they object to on religious or moral grounds.”

Hypothetical stupidity: If you are an employer, you could deny health coverage for X-rays because you know, taking an x-ray is stealing someone’s soul. And that violates you religious beliefs. Therefore all your employees covered under company insurance will not be allowed to get x-rays.

Quoting Rush Limbaugh, the conservative pundit who has a drug problem amongst a myraid of other personal issues.

What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic] who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”

Yes, he really said that. He also said that these women should post their sex videos since taxpayers are paying for them to have sex. Posting the online videos includes married people too; because married people should not have safe sex either.

It should be noted that many women take the Pill not because they are sexual active, but because it helps regulate menstral flow, decrease acne, and can lessen heavy bleeding.   They too would be denied coverage if the bill passed.

According to conservatives, no one should be having sex, ever; before marriage and in Limbaugh’s case, after marriage.


Guns in Bars
The second amendment has done a number on people’s beliefs to carry guns wherever, whenever, however. Even if you are not drinking, you should not carry a gun in a bar. It’s dumb and unsafe.

Would you feel safe knowing the guy next to you was packing heat and drinking a supposed Coke-cola? Because you could always end up like the Tennessee senator arrested for DUI and carrying a gun in his car. And he was the one who introduced this bill.

And in light of the recent murder of Trayvon Martin, self defense gun laws need to investigated at a deeper level.


Universal Health Care 

Call it whatever you want Bill O’Reilly and other conservative pundits. The fact is 49 million people are uninsured. When one of those people get sick and go to hospital, guess who pays the bill? Taxpayers. Hospital care is costly and can be 10-50 times more expensive than if a person was treated at a doctor’s office and received care.

I do not want to pay from my tax money for people to fall extremely sick and burden our dysfunctional health system. We pay the highest amount per capita (double the amount of Switzerland that is in second place) and yet still do not have the healthiest people. The system is totally fucked up.

Source: barackobama.com via Barack

Let’s fix it, get people coverage (not free coverage), and make American healthier to work and live.

Hasn’t anyone realized that a healthy American is a hard working American? And a hard working American leads to a economically stable society?


The Tax Code
The IRS and the myriad of forms to fill out in tax season is bat shit crazy insane. I am never sure what the hell I am supposed to be filling out. Add to that, that Mitt Romney’s tax pressure is barely 14% and mine is close to 30% pisses me off.

Ideally we would trash the current system, put a new one in that based on income (and by income I mean ANY way the dollars enter your bank account – stocks, equity, trusts, W2) and make life simpler and fairer for all.

Unfortunately, the tax code is the most complex set of rules and laws, that it will take years to fix.

Until then, please don’t arrest me because I forgot to disclose my ICA card in my Treasury filings.


Intelligent Design
Awesome, so you really believe that Mr. T-Rex roamed around with our forefathers. Just please, keep your tyrannosaur off of crack.

English as the National Language
We live in the United States. Our Constitution and all our bills are written in English. I know people speak Spanish but none of our legislation is written in Spanish. Pass a bill that English is the official language of the United States but that Spanish (or any other language) can be used as a working language.

This is the same mess happening in Sweden since the government forgot to make any language the official one of the country. Opps.

In addition, students have the right to learn second or third languages as long as their main language is English in school. Students should be required to learn second languages from grade school to high school. We need the next generation to speak English fluently and prove they are capable of competing with global workers who also speak second and third languages.

Higher Education
Yes Rick Santorum, President Obama does want people to have higher education, even for just one year. And calling him a ‘snob’ makes you a fucking moron.

Every American, legal or not, should obtain some form of higher education. Be it a vocational degree or a PhD, everyone should be able to be a better, more educated American.

The idea that we will “bring our jobs back onshore” only works if people are capable of doing those jobs. If Americans are not educated enough or lack basic skills, why would anyone want to hire them?

Get people educated to compete against the world, that will bring our jobs back home.


There are more issues, but these are the main ones that make me want to be a better American and stand up for those who have had their rights trampled upon.

Here are some organizations to read more about:
National Organization of Women – http://www.now.org/
Planned Parenthood – http://www.plannedparenthood.org/
The American Jewish World Service – http://ajws.org/who_we_are/
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – http://www.aclu.org/
The White House – www.whitehouse.gov
Fact Check – http://factcheck.org

I love you America, but don’t break my heart and take part in archaic ideology. Let’s make the country a better place to live and work.

The discussion may get heated. Please keep it civil and read the Comment Policy before you say something idiotic. I have the right to take down your comment if it is counterproductive, inflammatory in nature, discriminatory, threatening, or non-productive. But do have a discussion!

10 thoughts on “9 Issues That Tear America Apart {And Don’t Need To}”

  1. I usually don’t delve into politics and anything controversial, but I do have to say that this was very well written and thought out. I completely agree with almost all of it. Things are certainly getting out of hand in America on a lot of different fronts, it is scary. Good post.

  2. @Megalagom – Thank you. It took me several drafts to write a toned downed version without becoming visibly upset.

    I don’t like to get involved in politics online either but I feel being quiet while people banter about issues without thought is not got for society. Especially ignorant thinking.

  3. It always struck me that if USA just took half the budget of it’s defense spending and put it in public education(in a non retarded manner ), you would have the best funded education system in this history of the planet. 10-20 years later that would give some very noticable results. Too bad that politicians can’t go to election on policies with effects that lie one two decades in the future. Maybe election cycles should be longer?

  4. I’m going to make some minor comments on some of these issues.

    Abortion: To understand this, one has to go back to the original reasoning that made abortion “immoral” in the first place. To do so, we must go back many hundreds of years, to the Catholic Church in the Vatican, Rome, Italy.
    Originally, the Church did not oppose abortion at all, as long as it was not done very late in the pregnancy; the original thought was that the soul did not enter the baby at all until shortly before birth. However, with the advent of the microscope, some early “scholars” found what appeared to be “little people” visible in women’s egg cells, prompting a theological outcry in the Church – apparently, the soul entered the fetus very early on indeed, and thus abortion was tantamount to murdering an innocent soul. Therefore, abortion became illegal.
    Shortly thereafter, it was found out that the “little people” visible in the egg cells was actually due to faulty lenses in the microscopes used, and when viewed through fully-functioning lenses, there were no “little people” to be found. By that time, however, the Church had already made a huge deal about abortion and decided they could not risk to lose face by taking it back, so the whole thing stuck.
    Sine then, most countries have deemed the whole thing “ridiculously stupid” (as indeed it was) and once more allowed abortions. Deeply religious countries – most notably Catholic ones – have stubbornly held to the opinion that abortion is tantamount to murdering an innocent soul, despite the whole idea of the “soul” entering the fetus at an early stage was due to a few faulty lenses and hasty clergymen.

    In other words, even from a Christian viewpoint, there is technically no reason whatsoever to make abortions illegal. Unfortunately, Christians aren’t exactly known for their reasoning skills. And I won’t even get into the whole “soul/no soul” debate.

    Gay Marriage: As with abortion, this is primarily a religious issue. From a purely technical/biological standpoint, the only logical reason to disallow gay marriage would be because it, at least in theory, lowers the birthrate – a very shallow reason, though, unless you also disallow gay relationships entirely…which would most likely end with lowered birthrates anyway, as the majority of the “denied” gay relationships would simply make a lot of people perpetually single; in other words, it would be a self-defeating process. And besides, considering the total world population vs the distribution of resources, lowered birthrates would actually be a positive, so…
    In summary, there is no technical/biological reason to disallow gay marriage. That leaves religious reasons.

    Most religions are either accepting or uncaring about gay relationships and marriages; it simply doesn’t factor into it. The exception lies in the Abrahamitic religions, namely Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In all these religions, gay relationships are considered to be “unnatural” and “obscene in God’s/Jahve’s/Allah’s eyes”. Why? Well, because in the Old Testament there are a few mentions of how God/etc dislikes male-to-male-intercourse, with the primary reason given being that it will not produce offspring (oddly enough, female-to-female intercourse is not mentioned, so presumably that’s okay). Therefore, the primary reasoning behind these religions disallowing gay relationships is because they will not produce offspring – something which, given the current world situation, is actually a positive, so that part of their arguments flies right out the window.
    Unfortunately, that’s not their only objection. The second one concerns gay *marriage*, specifically as in the “union between man and woman, before the eyes of God, yadda yadda” – because marriage (religious marriage, that is) is done “before God” in these religions (and Christianity in particular is very strong in the U.S.), and to wed two people of the same gender “before God” would be an affront to their deity – surprisingly this is not supported by their holy scriptures, aside from the whole thing about not producing offspring; in other words, looking at it critically, even taking into account the various scriptures, as long as the “tribe/nation” is not threatened with underpopulation, there is no religious reason to disallow gay marriage. Again, however, religious people (and Christians in particular) are not known for their reasoning skills.
    And, of course, there’se the obvious interjection: even setting aside the complete lack of any applicable logical reasoning *in the religions themselves* for disallowing gay marriage, one might simply avoid the whole mess by allowing secular marriage via the state; if the religious people don’t want gay marriage within their various Churches, sects and cults, fine – but looking at it rationally (and following the U.S. Constitution), there is no reason to disallow secular gay marriage, and further, religion and state are separate, and have been such for a long time, and for very good reasons.
    And for those gays who want to be married “under the eyes of God, etc” – take a good, long look at your religion and your “beliefs”. Why would you want to worship a deity that wants to torture and murder you, and then have you burn in agony for an eternity afterwards? Why would you want to be a part of a community that wishes you dead? Unless you’re a masochist to the point of wanting to commit suicide, there’s no reason for you to even attempt to gain their acceptance, so don’t.

    Contraception: Again, this is a religious issue, not a secular one. And once again, the whole thing started in the Old Testament with the whole “lowered birthrates” shebang. A perfectly rational reason – when underpopulation was an actual threat. Without the threat of underpopulation, there is no reason in- or outside the various holy scriptures to disallow contraceptives. Shall I once again mention the general lack of reasoning skills in religious people (and Christians in particular) or is it becoming redundant?

    Guns in Bars: The original reason for the Second Amendment was to allow the general populace to more effectively protect themselves and perform rebellious actions in the case of a foreign invader. A compelling reason, to be sure, particularly in the time it was written. However, looking at it critically, this is only a reason for people to *own* guns – it is not a reason for them to carry them around with them when outside the home (unless of course the country has already been invaded – last time I checked, though, the U.S. wasn’t under invasion). In other words, while the Second Amendment itself is all well and good (in theory, anyway), people in the U.S. have long deigned to not apply rational thinking or even basic common sense in its application. If I may be so bold, I would make an amendment to the Second Amendment: “When an individual carries and uses a weapon against a fellow citizen, rather than a proven foreign invader (as is the rationale behind the Second Amendment) the right to bear arms does not apply unless it can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to have occured within one’s home and in self-defence; all other applications are to be considered a direct threat to the welfare of the people, and thus a criminal act.” In other words, carrying a gun anywhere outside your own home, even in your own car, is a criminal act unless you are acting as a government agent (say, an FBI agent or a police officer) or in the case of an ongoing foreign invasion.
    I imagine an amendment like that would drop the homicide rates by anywhere between 50% and 90%, and the number of armed robberies (well, armed with guns, anyway) by somewhere between 25% and 50%.

    Universal Healthcare: The system in use by, among others, Sweden, is by no means perfect (in fact, I could make a long list of its faults), however looking at things from a purely statistical standpoint, the U.S. has a lot to gain from replacing their current system even with one as flawed as the Swedish one – in the long run, state costs would drop, and the health of the population at large would increase dramatically. So why don’t they change it? Various reasons, but the most “vocal” of them runs back to the “Commie Scare” of the Cold War period, when anything “Socialist” was considered synonymous with “Communist” – which itself is a pretty darn big leap of faulty logic, but is doubly so since the “Communist” politics they were so scared of weren’t technically “Communist” in the first place; Lenin, Stalin, and later Russian and Chinese leaders have used the name of Communism to obtain and hold power; When looking at their actual politics, you’ll find that what was going on in the Soviet Union and China is technically less than 10% in line with actual Communism, and in fact the majority of their policies constitued direct violations of Communism thoughts and ideas.
    In other words, the biggest objection to Universal Healthcare in the U.S. has nothing to do with actual rationality, and is nearly 100% derived from old U.S. political “scare tactics” which not only are not applicable to the current political landscape, but were almost 100% faulty even when they were first conceived. To smplify: the only “real” (i.e. the most vocal) objection to Universal Healthcare in the U.S. is an idiocy derived from an idiocy derived from an idiocy; and if that wasn’t enough, the idiocy in each step is plain to see for anyone who’d bother to think about it for more than five seconds. I motion a new addition to all the world’s dictionaries:
    Politician, noun: 1) An individual lacking sapience in a species normally considered sapient. 2) A person of exceptionally low education and intellect. See also: Moron; Idiot; Dumbass; Retard.

    The Tax Code: Alas, I am not familiar enough with the U.S. tax code to make a thought-out comment on it. However, if it’s anything at all like the Swedish one, then I suggest a complete overhaul ASAP.

    Intelligent Design: There’s a fairly simple interjection to be made in the whole ID debate. Make the following proposition: If ID is correct, then Adolph Hitler was directly created/designed by the proposed”Intelligent Being”. Therefore, the Intelligent Being desired a creature that would start wars and cause the annihilation of millions of other beings which it has presumably also designed. From this, there are several possible conclusions:
    A) The being considered many of its other creations faulty, and felt the need to create something to destroy them. In other words, WWII is 100% justified, and everyone who fought against Hitler was by definition “evil”, as they opposed the will of the Intelligent Being. Aside from the obvious logical conondrum this creates, it also implies that the Intelligent Being is capable of making huge mistakes – in turn implying it is not an “intelligent” being in the first place, but is in fact by human standards unusually stupid, as even a human of average intelligence could figure out better ways to deal with supposedly “faulty” creations (not to mention probably not make them as faulty in the first place). Either way, the proponent of ID cannot get away from having to give 100% support to the actions of Adolph Hitler, which should eradicate said proponent’s believability pretty damn fast
    B) Adolph Hitler was in fact the “faulty creation”. Unfortunately, this also implies that the so-called “Intelligent Being” is in fact incredibly stupid even by human standards, as it failed to get rid of said faulty creation without sacrificing untold millions of presumably “un-faulty” creations.
    C) The Intelligent Being may or may not be intelligent, but in either case created Adolph Hitler for no better reason than its own amusement and/or “to see what happens”, implying that it is not exactly benevolent towards humanity, and should in point of fact be found and eradicated as soon as possible before it can do us any more damage.
    D) There is no Intelligent Being. Hail evolution!

    I wonder which conclusion the proponents of ID would prefer?

    English as the National Language: The only comment I would make, apart from what you’ve already said yourself, is that there should be a census to see which languages are most prevalent in the country. I suspect Spanish is prevalent enough that it should be made an official “second” language, much like what has been done in some other countries (such as Finland, which has both Finnish and Swedish as official languages). This, of course, also implies that all government documents should be made available in Spanish, and that all government agencies need Spanish-speaking workers to interact with the Spanish-only speakers of the population (though I suspect most of them already do).

    Higher Education: You’ve made your points concisely; there’s little I can add that wouldn’t be needlessly detailed.

    I hope my comments will be seen as constructive :)

  5. Wow, Heidar! Great comments.

    Sapphire, I am not ashamed to be an American. As a matter of fact, I take pride in my father’s tribe, where the reservation is a considered sovereign and governed by the tribe. However, I will state that I am rather disgusted with many in the US Federal Government. Nobody should have the right to tell me what to do with my body. That is a start. I do not follow an Abrahamic beliefs. I follow another path. I could really go into more detail with what I think of this all, but I just got home from work and I am tired lol. It is good to vent, however.

  6. Had to laugh when I saw this post. The whole reason I found your blot was looking to countries to run to from the US, or even worse, Tennessee in particular. Aside from the guns in bars, we are now going to teach creationism in science class, and next week miscarriages may be a crime (vague law, long story). Sweden seems like such a gorgeous place! Thanks for telling those of us stuck in the US more about it!

  7. @Jacob
    What you fail to mention is that the USA has more people that do know about Science and Technology than Europe & Asia.

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