Springtime Hail in Stockholm! {Photos}

An afternoon of random hail, snow, and rain. Just like a crazy summer afternoon in the South.

Time for a hail fika!



flowertime hail

10 thoughts on “Springtime Hail in Stockholm! {Photos}”

  1. all these amazing things i am missing cause i live on the other side of the planet. i want 4 seasons and even hail seems interesting. tired of the sweltering sun, torrential rain, floods, earthquakes, poverty (well that one is not the work of mother nature). sob.

  2. @Alice – Hail never lasts long but as long they’re not the size of golf balls, it’s pretty neat to watch hail fall.

  3. The snow is big and looks like salt. Interesting! 1st week of may, I will visit stockholm. Is it still cold?

  4. Panda – Right now the weather is up and down.

    I would expect when you come the highs to be in the high teens C and low teens at nighttime. But 3-4 days before you leave, check the weather reports!

    http://www.en.klart.se is one of the better weather reporting agencies.

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