Cupcake STHLM {Cupcakes You’ll Fall in Love With}

Exactly a month ago, on Leap Day, I spent the afternoon with Mikael, one of the cofounders of the cupcake bakery, Cupcake Sthlm (short for Stockholm).

They are a growing local business that I have loved ever since they opened in late 2010.

It was a glorious afternoon sampling mini cupcakes. Cupcake critics out there may call the cupcake selfish and overindulgent, but to me, it’s a piece of a little rainbow. The rainbow that unicorns puke, true story.

What I love about Cupcake STHLM’s treats are the mix between Swedish style and taste and American fluffiness. Mikael told me that on any day they try to incorporate three types of cupcakes: Swedish traditional, Swedish modern, and American. And go seasonal when possible.

Founders Mikael and Martin didn’t start in the cupcake business or even pastry school; they were chefs. They met in 2008 while operating a restaurant in Åre (the ski resort city) and wanted to brach out on their own with something new and exciting.

Then, Mikael’s girlfriend suggested, “Why not cupcakes? They’re cute, popular, and people love them.”

From then on, they experimented with different flavors and frosting. You know why their cream cheese frosting is delicious? Because it contains only cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon and cream. That frosting is to die for. They have a secret way to whip the frosting so it is solid enough to pipe (believe me, piping cream cheese is a royal pain), but creamy enough to melt in your mouth.

On any day, you can catch them selling seventeen flavors at their two little boutiques in Stockholm. A lot of them reminds you of Sprinkes, Magnolia or even Georgetown Cupcakes; the three powerhouses of the cupcake world.

What I love about these guys is that they are also about having fun. They have lots of little trivia and ‘free mini’ days if you partake in Facebook trivia or contests. And even if you are not on Facebook, a song and dance number will earn you a delicious bite.

{Today’s special is Stjärnan – red velvet cake/summer flavors/rhubarb. Comment on their FB status to recceive a free mini!}

Plus, you can book them for a variety of events including birthday parties, bridal showers (möhippa), tastings, and even a full evening rental of their S:t Eriksplan shop.

They also have cupcake classes where you learn to bake and decorate cupcakes. They have them in Swedish only right now but after the summer (when it’s cooler) are hoping to teach an English class. Even if your Swedish is basic, you should be fine if you know cupcake jargon. Perhaps one of these days, I’ll take a class.

Tourists and Stockholmers, go make yourself and someone else happy and pick up a few little darlings at their stores.
Location: S:t Eriksgatan 83 & Götgatan 78 (in Skrapan). Stockholm, Sweden
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10AM to 6PM
Sat-Sun: 11AM to 4PM
Types: Regular cupcakes, seasonal, and vegan

7 thoughts on “Cupcake STHLM {Cupcakes You’ll Fall in Love With}”

  1. I’m betting you got paid to write this. These cupcakes suck. Granted I’m from DC where we have Georgetown Cupcake (which makes the godliest cupcakes in the world), but the cupcakes at Cupcake STHLM are among the most terrible and blandest I’ve ever had. I and most of my American friends could bake much better cupcakes at home.

    I thought the cupcakes I purchased at Cupcake STHLM were a total waste of money, but I suppose Swedes couldn’t tell the difference anyway. The rude and pretentious nature of the staff didn’t help either.

    Most Americans would laugh to hear a cupcake store that made cupcakes like this was actually making money. I’m tempted to go back to Stockholm myself and open a cupcake store just to spare the Swedes from thinking that Cupcake STHLM’s cupcakes are actually GOOD. Sorry, I just don’t trust Swedes to make good cupcakes, they should stick to their semlor and kladdkaka and chokladböllar. Swedes cannot make good American desserts. Same goes for that American Cookies place in Gallerian. Ugh, gross.

  2. @Tara – I was not paid for writing this. I contacted them and asked for an interview. They were kind enough to consent. When I did meet Mikael, he gave me a few minis to enjoy during our conversation.

    Unfortunate for your experience.

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