Come See Me Compete in The Great Chili Experiment Competition – Stockholm

OMG, OMG, OMG! I have some super exciting news!

I have been invited to participate in the food competition called The Food Experiments – The National Tour. This event is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and run by Theo at The Food Experiments.

And if you’re wondering why a US national tour is in Sweden, it’s because Brooklyn Brewery’s largest market outside the US is Sweden. Go American beer! And many of you think American beer is terrible, tisk tisk.

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 25th, Andrew and I will be competing in the Swedish leg calle the Great Chili Experiment – Stockholm. You can meet us, taste the food, and of course vote for us! The Swede is helping to organize and rally the troops. We’ll be in costume (can’t say what in case an enemy is reading…hehehe).

We are called team Northern Lights & Fire and will have a table set up and will be sharing lots of tastings.

We also had a chance to scoop out the competition last night. There are a lot of teams. But we’re still excited and ready to kick chili ass!
Meet the Competitors night at Akkurat – with teammate Andrew, enemy err competitor, friend D

Meet the Competitors night at Akkurat – with friend D and host Theo – not the best shot but we had a blast

Say hi and meet us at the Great Chili Experiment!
Where: Hornstull Strand
When: March 25th, 13-16hr
Cost: Tickets are 100kr and can be bought at the door or online. Entry gives you tasting to all competitors (22!) and a free beer (I think).
Why: Because you know you want to see me and taste epic delicious Indo-fi’ed chili!

2 thoughts on “Come See Me Compete in The Great Chili Experiment Competition – Stockholm”

  1. Sounds like a great time! Would certainly have checked it out if I lived in Stockholm! :) (Sapphire, I tried responding to your mail but it will not allow me to, says the email does not exist.)

  2. Megalagom – It was super fun! We didn’t win but it was nice to do something different.

    There’s something wrong with that address. I’ll email you again.

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