Skiing in Romme, Dalarna & Seeing the Almighty Dalahäst

A couple weeks ago we decided to take a ski bus to Romme to ski for the day. The bus pass includes a ski pass and it’s an economical way to go skiing for the day that’s not a mole hill in Stockholm.

I spent most of the three hour bus ride staring out the window waiting for a blanket of soft snow to cover the landscape. Instead, the further north we went, the less likely for winter wonderland.

Romme, is a small town just 10k south of Borlänge and is in the southern part of Dalarna. Dalarna is one of the northern states and translates to “The Valleys.” People usually tease that the Swedish men who speak the least come from this region.

I also realized when I was on the bus that Happy Hedgehog, the cute store sponsoring the giveaway, was just 10 minutes away from the slopes! We ended up missing each other :( Still, if you haven’t entered the fabulous giveaway, what are you doing reading this article?!

Anyway…here’s to photos!

Sunrise, somewhere near Västerås
Sunrise near Västerås

The beginning of the trees

Slightly icy river
First River Crossing

Glowing trees
Plains and Trees

River with fish scale icing
Icy River

Golden plains. I swear we are moving northwards
The Great Plains of Central Sweden

More Trees! And a touch of snow
Trees in Sweden

I spy the Dalahäst!
Here comes the Dalahäst

The dalahäst!

Back to trees
Trees in Sweden

Another river. Winter is not coming.

Pretty little church
Little Church in the Prairie

Swedish boy on a horse – in the middle of a roundabout …
Swedish boy on a horse

Axeman – in the middle of a roundabout …
Axeman! near Romme, Dalarna, Sweden

Giant blue thing – in the middle of a roundabout … {anyone know what this is?}
Giant Blue Thing, near Romme, Dalarna, Sweden

At last – Romme! The mini ski village

It turns out that I suck at using the button lift (knapplift – which I renamed to knappgök lift) on skis equally as much as on a snowboard. I also sucked at skiing even though my snowboarding was slightly above mediocre. Therefore, a beer was prescribed to calm my nerves.

Now this is how babies sleep in Sweden. Probably illegal in America or some idiot will call child services and the police on you.

At the top of the slope. This was NOT me.
The top of the slope in Romme

Green, red, or black?

I am still questioning whether winter came…
Are you sure it's winter in Dalarna?

Winter did not come.
Winter did not come.

Signs, in case you get lost
Lots of signs!

At an elevation of 138 meters above sea level, the highest slope point of Romme rests at 275 meters
Just 2.4km high

Hmmm, I wonder if the snow on the ground was blasted out by the snow machines to make people feel better about thinking it’s wintertime.


And goodnight…
Goodnight Dalahäst

7 thoughts on “Skiing in Romme, Dalarna & Seeing the Almighty Dalahäst”

  1. Hey, I’ve been there.

    And I can certainly believe the men from Dalarna speak the least of all Swedish men!

  2. Really liked all the pictures and your witty reactions to the landscape as you rode the bus.

  3. @Thatgirl – Hehehehe.

    @fff – the dalahäst was supercool. Though I was the only one on the bus excited to see it.

    @Senchaholic – thank you! :)

  4. Do you get the bus from Stokholm? One of the reasons I’m moving to Sweden is to be able to go boarding on days off…

  5. @JR – Yes, I took the bus from Stockholm. It’s a package deal usually (bus ticket + lift ticket). Romme is the most popular spot since it’s fairly close to us.

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