Danny Loses Melodivestivalen Title to a Girl with Creepy Guy Rolling Around & Hugging Her

Saturday night was the holy event of Melodiefestivalen. It was in this final episode of the myriad of Melodivestivalen shows that actually determined who will go to the Eurovision Song Contest.

With over 4 million people watching in a country of 9.4 million, there was no way escaping Saturday night unscathed from the event.

And Danny Saucedo (pronounced Sau-ce-do not Sauce-Do), lost. Again. He came in second place again after losing last year’s title to unknown boy called Eric Saade.

According to the tabloid Aftonbladet, Danny was seen running out after the show and being a “sore loser.” Losing two years in a row in extremely close races, does earn the man the right to cry his heart our.

Poor Saucedo. His song, Amazing, really wasn’t amazing enough to win against Euphoria by Loreen. She won 268 points to his 198 points.

I thought Danny’s Tron-style act was fun and memorable. His song was catchy with a touch of Schalger.

Loreen has an amazing voice. It’s reminiscient of Celine Dion and at any moment, she just might break out into My Heart Will Go On. Unfortunately, Loreen’s act was borderline psychofrenic. Rapid arm movements in no particular direction, running from one side of the stage to another with arms flaying in the air, and the most bizarre backup dancer yet to be seen: a black man rolling around and then hugging her from behind.

Doesn’t he look he’s going to do something very very bad??

Borderline molesting her while arms are flapping around, euphoria is in all the wrong places.

For yet another year, Sweden is sending something of a joke. Loreen’s great but not memorable and if she continues with the current choreography, people just may wonder what Swedes have in the water supply.

Next time Danny, next time.

11 thoughts on “Danny Loses Melodivestivalen Title to a Girl with Creepy Guy Rolling Around & Hugging Her”

  1. I thoguh her dance was beautiful and modern, and no he wasn’t creepy at all in my eyes. He was trying to protect her, classic protective pose, but she didn’t need that and ended the show with climbing on him and pushing him to the ground while she was standing tall.

    I really liked the song and show!

  2. I was a bit distracted by the choreography the first time but didn’t mind it as much the second time. It is a bit straange but the way that I see it is a) At least she wasn’t just sitting in a chair singing into a microphonne the whole song b) It means that voters weren’t hypnotized by stage tricks like glowing customs or break dancing but rather for the song. I wasn’t a fan of Danny because his lyrics were way too simple, but the tine was catchy and the dancing was pretty cool. I was rooting for David Lingred first and Loreen second.

  3. Are you joking??? I’m not even into pop music, but love the song and performance – its different and really enough to stand out and even win. Shes bookies favorite to win this year by the way, so… :D And as my dad always says – if you dont like it, go and do better.

  4. I do stand corrected that Eric and Loreen are well known in Sweden. But I could really care less about the show and the contestants (especially the writers who seem to be working in a cartel). Melodiefestivalen is just an absolutely ridiculous fun night to watch the country freak out on a bunch of teenagers, drug addicts, and an orange colored man.

    Loreen’s song was great; she has a fabulous voice. I did not care to listen to the lyrics to either song to be honest. I take issue with her performance, nothing looked natural and that man rolling around really just looked like he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

    But she gets major props for being barefoot. All hail shoes-off!

  5. Of course I must write a blogpost about the show. I would be shaming Swedish culture if I didn’t!

    @Senchaholic – hahahaha!

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