Lost in Stockholm & Happy Hedgehog Giveaway!



Yayyyyyyy!!!! Grattis!!!

I’ll be emailing you’all; please respond promptly!

It has been a while since I had a giveaway on the site but the wait is worth it. Truly!

To celebrate Lost in Stockholm reaching 5,000 comments and 2,000 Facebook fans, I’m having an giveaway. It’s so cool that this little blog of a one woman show, me, has received 5,000 comments in 4.5 years.

Yipee! And thank you readers!

To celebrate, I wanted to showcase local Swedish businesses. The grand prize is being generously donated by Happy Hedgehog in Borlänge, in northern Sweden. The runner up prize has been donated by Fika Town, a greeting card company in Stockholm.

Happy Hedgehog is a lovely boutique that sells chic styled bags, cards, teacups, lotions, and candles. Their mission is to bring Sweden and the UK with adorable products that you never knew you needed.

The grand prize includes

And a yoga posing cat*

Handmade Soap dish from Krukmakeri Krusidull
British made Heyland & Whittle soap
Swedish förkylnings honung
Jersey Cow moisturiser for Men*
Klinta two in one scented soya candle/massage oil candle Tea Tree

The HH grand prize is open to people with a valid Swedish mailing address only.

Now, that the rest of you are sad because you don’t live in Sweden, never fear, I have another surprise. Fika Town has donated eight greeting cards for you to use and spread the love of fika and thanks.

The greeting card prize is available to anyone outside of Sweden. Yay!

Here are THE RULES:

1. Be a Facebook fan of Lost in Stockholm.**

2. Be a Facebook fan of Happy Hedgehog.

3. Have a valid address in Sweden for the HH grand prize. Have a valid anywhere in the world (where there is not an US or Swedish embargo) for the runner up prize.

4. Write a comment on THIS blog post relating to hedgehogs and Sweden. The comment can be long, short, haiku, poem, sentence, story, whatever. It just has to be unique and yours only. You can write in Swedish or English.

HH & Sapphire will pick a winner based on cuteness, funniness, and overall Swedishness on March 20th, 2012.

Winners will be notified by email on or after March 22nd. Please provide a valid email address in your comment information. Failure to respond within seven days forfeits the prize.

The contest opens now!

Do visit Happy Hedgehog and Fika Town, our companies who have generously donated the prizes.

* Cat not really included. :(
** Facebook is in no way endorsing, sponsoring, or assisting with this giveaway.

17 thoughts on “Lost in Stockholm & Happy Hedgehog Giveaway!”

  1. A contest containing cuteness you say?
    Celebrating hedgehogs, there’s no better way!
    Years ago the difference between porcupine and hedgehog I learned.
    Ever since then, for a hedgehog I’ve yearned!
    I love how in water they swim or do an upside-down float,
    showing off their pink bellies, as if to gloat!
    Their curiosity is as high as a cats,
    never resisting getting stuck in this or that.
    Always wanting one for a pet,
    I knew I wanted two instead!
    But alas the timing could have been better,
    as I was moving away the very next Winter.
    And so I had to put off getting this adorable creature,
    not knowing that hedgehogs are one of Sweden’s cutest features!
    To my gleeful surprise while walking down a cobblestone road,
    I spotted a hedgehog trotting along.
    I carefully followed with camera in hand,
    never seeing one in person, Sweden must be a magical land.
    He hid in the grass along the riverbed,
    I resisted my urge to pet him and took a photo instead.
    Every so often I’d see them out and about,
    resisting my urge to giggle and shout.
    When my family came to Sweden this Summer,
    they spotted a “rodent,” took a photo and murmured.
    I confirmed it was not a rat or a mouse,
    but a cute little hedgehog you can have in a house.

    (Is “liking” the FB pages the same as becoming a fan? I did that but not sure if its the same)

  2. blossoms of my soul reaches the swedes
    it’s spines reaches back
    my soul; as fallen autumn leaves

    Japanese Death Poem-style. Hardcore. (They’re not supposed to rhyme though, are they? Wasn’t intentional!)

    Yeah, I’m not really participating. It’s should take more effort than that :D I vote on Megalagom! Best one so far! Hear!

  3. Haha, nice post. First of all, just want to let you know that I am a lurker of your blog since I came here to Sweden and I looove hedgehogs especially when they start to creep out during spring time. Prior coming to Sweden I had never seen a real life hedgehod before. There was this one time as I was coming home from a party with a couple of friends, we decided to hang out and get some air by the harbor. Then I started to see something so round creeping around grass and sniffing about… and one of them came to me – it was soooo big and I totally freaked out! Haha. I climbed on the bench and my friends were like, don’t worry they’re just hedgehogs. It was around 3 in the morning and pretty dark at that time, and there were soooo many of them! My friends were like being so friendly with them and feeding them OLW cheese balls. I grew to like them after that and I started to google about hedgehogs, and realized that hedgehogs are like lactose-intolerant or something. I freaked out again and told my friends that we might have killed all the hedgehods by feeding them those cheese balls. So we came to the same spot at the harbor, same time, the next night, and waited for the hedgehogs to come out. And it turns out that they did come out, and are still alive, thank goodness! But we learned out lessons – never ever feed hedgehogs or any wild animals with human food, haha.

  4. Galloping Hedghogs

    A hedgehog seen galloping
    Through streets around Stockers!
    Lost, confused, rambling,
    Seems a bit off his rockers!
    (Swedish for hedgehog is weird, is it not?
    If you can say “eagle caught” you can say “igelkott”)
    It seems at any rate,
    There’s something on his back,
    A quick glimpse and wait!
    Why it’s The Union Jack!

  5. I love your blog!
    My soon to be husband is from Borlänge, a place I also love and plan to call home in the near future.

    An American girl,
    Traveled so far,
    5000 miles,
    By plane, train, and car,
    To a city, Borlänge,
    Where her heart smiles.
    She once saw a happy hedgehog,
    She begged to take home,
    A spiny little critter,
    Sitting all alone,
    But her boyfriend said no.
    Who knows where my little friend is?
    We don’t really know,
    Maybe at Kupolen,
    Preparing for snow?

  6. Hedgehog’s dilemma for every Swede
    Longing for love but as uncatchable as snowflakes
    What if your spines pierce my heart?

    Haiku-style :-)

  7. There once was a hedgehog from Stockholm
    who had a very bad ……

    OK, I don’t really do poetry, but that gift basket looks fab so I will throw my hat in the ring.

    Congrats on all your success, here is to much much more!

  8. Sweden awakes
    hedgehogs lean out in awe
    spring is back again

    Congrats on your 5K comments and 2K FB fans! Next milestone, 10K Facebook fans? :)

  9. Swedish men are like hedgehogs: cute, but prickly and unapproachable at first. Invest the time in getting to know them, and you’ll discover they’re surprisingly cuddly! ;)

  10. I somras bodde en igelkottsfamilj under vår altan. En av ungarna hittades dock uppfläkt och halvt uppäten på gårdsplanen. Varken sött eller roligt men sonen lärde sig att djungelns lag även gäller i Sverige. Fågeln som dödade igelkotten blev nog mätt.

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