Victoria Silvstedt vs Maria Montazami – Twins or What??

I have been confused for a long time. I thought Maria Montazami was Victoria Silvstedt and vice versa. Seriously, as Swedish women go, they fulfill every sterotype possible.

Let’s see them shall we:

They are:
blue-green eyed
long haired (curls are thanks to the curling iron though)
big boobied – but Victoria’s does win the fake boobs contest
button nosed
poorly tanned

Victoria is usually found in lingerie, bikinis or nothing at all.
Maria wears long dresses and there isn’t a photo on the web of her in a bikini. For real!

Victoria earns her living as a model and being a Playboy Playmate.
Maria earns her living by being a Svenska Hollywoodfru.

Victoria is 37 years old and from Bollnäs-
Maria is 46 years old and from Västerås.
Damn… they’re both getting up there!

Maria’s awkward Ving travels ad

Victoria’s Betsafe Casino ad

Well, for Swedish girls and girls in general they’re both pretty darn hot. But I think Maria is more natural looking and less plastic surgery’ish.

15 thoughts on “Victoria Silvstedt vs Maria Montazami – Twins or What??”

  1. I see you dare to express your personal taste on the internet. I am now compulsed by social law to refute everything you said!

    Victoria is hot? Really…? My neighbour is hotter than Victoria. And he’s a he. And 61! Not trying to imply that all stereotypical blond and busty women are ugly. They are not! I’m even usually a fan of strong jawlines, but Victoria just doesn’t do it for me. It’s as if the proportions are way off. I think her face, lips ignored, is too tiny for it’s frame. Buuut she is, or has been, popular, of a sort – so it’s not like you have a weird taste. Albeit a faulty one. Repent!

    Maria… well, I wouldn’t use her as wallpaper, but she’s not really ugly. More natural, yes.

    Also, I suspect that both were puting on make up in the bathroom when voices were handed out.

    And that’s about as mean I’ll get today. I shall now be kind the rest of it!

  2. I know! The expresser of opinions I am. Hehe.

    There is something “artificial” about Victoria. It could be the botox, boob jobs, and other surgeries or facelifts she’s had (may have had). But she does fulfill the blonde, busty, and blue eyed Swedish women requirement.

    Therefore, I am right. =)

    Wait, and how is your 61 year old neighbor hotter than Victoria?

  3. Dude, this is not even funny!!.. Are you BLIND???????????
    how could you make such a silly comparison??!!!

    Silvstedt is the best looking Swedish lady of all times..How can you compare her to this masculine Mortazami thing??! you must be BLIIIIIIND!!! grab glasses dude!

  4. Blue eyes? Hah, that’s clearly grey!

    But yes, she quite affirms the stereotype. I hope Alexander Skarsgård sets a new one :D

    As for my neighbour… Well, he’s got that old man charmy ruggedness to him. And he’s quite the handyman, always willing to lend a manly hand. When I take my Friday naps, he often plays soothing blues on his guitar or mellow tunes on his violin. Though, and to my utmost regret, he does this from inside his apartment and not beside my bed. When he walks, his buttocks alluri… Yeah, I can’t really keep this up. He *is* real though! And most of his bits and pieces are in the general area of where you’d expect them to be.

    Wouldn’t really wanna bed either. I’d have to go with Maria, if you’d force me to pick. :D

  5. Jim:

    You, dear sir, are surely jesting! Rarely has there been a specimen of the fairer sex with such masculine features as Miss Silverstedt. Her face brings to mind, quite unpleasantly at that, a woman whom has rather eagerly helped herself to the steroid cabinet!

    Not that there is anything wrong with manly looks, mind you. I just tend to prefer to keep them apart from the ladies.

  6. Brannigan:

    No. It fills me with hope and enlightens my day! Said in self-criticism, since I’m clearly and regretfully aware of them myself (Actually Maria doesn’t come off that bad. Just not anything really interesting about her, either).

  7. As a foreigner they _DO_ look the same. However, Maria took aging a lot harder. I was surprised to see she is _ONLY_ 46! The last 40 something I dated was in a LOT better shape.

    Years of alcohol and sun really are adding up.

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, in my humble opinion, I don’t believe Swedish women age gracefully.

  8. What about how they both keep pretending that they like ‘har totally glömt Svenska1?!’ (And yes they are two of the few people I know who can totally execute a !?! in speech) I mean, even after a decade in this country, I don’t drop Swedish into my English typ hela tiden because I keep forgetting which språk I am prating.

  9. I’m probably going to get a fair amount of crap for this, but I don’t find either of them particularly physically attractive, though if I *had* to choose I’d go for Maria (though in all honesty I’d rather not have either of them). And given what little I’ve seen of their personalities, they’re not doing it for me on the intellectual level either. I require something more…sentient, really.

    Also, @Jim: I take it Victoria is the *only* Swedish lady you’ve ever seen? I cannot comprehend any other way in which you could possibly consider her the most attractive Swedish woman of all time. She’s got fake (well, dyed) hair, fake lips, fake nose, fake breasts… She’s basically more botox and plastic than flesh and blood (I’m exaggerating of course, but you get my drift). Sure, she looked *somewhat* okay before all the surgery, but now? Yuck!

    No, I prefer my women au naturale (in both senses of the term, depending on the situation)!

  10. @Tobias: Alexander Skarsgård was my first touch of Swedish :D

    I don’t know what life will be made of but I wouldn’t mind having a lovely Swedish man to share it with me.

    I think the Fika guy from the fika commercial could set a new stereotype :)

  11. survivinginsweden:

    Hah! Good one :D I’ve at times wished for them to forget both languages.


    So it’s working? Good! Government ought to pay the bloke some money for bringing attention :D

  12. @survivinginsweden – You mean you don’t mix up svenska och engelska hela tiden.? That’s so kul!

  13. Maria is just Victoria in ten years!! Haha!

    Poor Victoria is turning into the Anna Nicole Smith of Sweden. Except without the drugs and yo-yo weight gain/loss. I guess I’m just saying she’s become a bit of a joke =(

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