Swedish Grocery Store Adventures

My friend, J, loves visiting the grocery store when she travels to foreign countries. There’s so much to see and learn about a culture at the grocery store.

We took a lot pictures a long time when we were visiting Sweden but I decided to spend more time in the store and take photos of all things Swedish.

By the way, Swedes have a strange fascination with food in a tube. And you thought American food was weird…

Felix Ketchup
felix - swedish ketchup

Sylt {jam} in a squeeze refill bag
lingon sylt - lingonberry jam in a tube

The “Ethnic” Section – all five meters long
The "Ethnic" Section

Mayonnaise in a tube – the first of the many foods in a tube
Mayonnaise in a tube

Knäckebröd – Swedish hard bread

Catalanen med sylt (hallon)
Catalanen med sylt (hallon)

Delicato – Punschrulle – punch flavored marzipan sweets
Delicato - Punschrulle

Piggelin – Pear flavor ice cream bars
Piggelin Swedish Ice Cream


Swedish yogurt and fil

Risifrutti -rice flavored pudding, very sweet!
risifrutti - flavored yogurt with rice

Cheese in a tube – another food in a tube
Cheese in a tube?

Frödinge Ostkaka {Cheesecake} – literally called a cheesecake, this has nothing to do with the American dessert, cheesecake. This is a true cake from cheese.
Frödinge Ostkaka - Cheesecake

Leverpastej {liverpate}
Leverpastej - liverpate

more leverpastej

Ostar {cheeses} – Herregård, Präst, Grève are the most common Swedish cheeses.
Swedish block cheese

Kräftstjärtar i lake {crayfish in brine} – tasty on a smörgås
kräftstjärtar i lake - crayfish in brine

Gravad lax {salmon} – cured and sliced thin

Räkor {shrimp} in a bin

Kallas Kaviar – the one and only caviar in a tube!

Ädelost – Päron {pear} or Whiskey – Pear flavor cheese in a tube? Ummm…delicious???
Ädelost - Cheese in a tube!

Julskum {Christmas marshmallows} – must have Christmas food, though not as tasty as American marshmallows.
Julskum - Swedish christmas marshmallows

Annas Pepparkakor
Annas Pepparkakor

Aladdin Chocolates
swedish christmas candy - Aladdin

Julmust – Christmas cola
Julmust - The definitive Swedish Christmas soda

Julsenap {Christmas mustard} – sold at the pharmacies, I have no idea why.
Julsenap - Christmas mustard

I found out Amazon.com has a lot of Swedish food you can buy through the site. I picked out the most well known products. Click on the image to get to the product page. They even have Kalles Kaviar and Wasa knäckebröd!

17 thoughts on “Swedish Grocery Store Adventures”

  1. lol I have a load of photos from my grocery store that I need to make a post (or two) about. One batch was the hunt for familiar American products and the other is similar to this. It was a sneaky mission taking the photos, since I go there almost every day and I didn’t want to be caught. Felt weird! The difference is pretty interesting

  2. Yes, Swedes have a weird love of pastes/tubes. I never understood kaviar in a tube (though it does taste ok), but cheese and mayo? Pass.

  3. @Megalagom – Hahaha, yea. Though quite a few employees saw me and didn’t say a word.

    @Andrew – Pear cheese in a tube….MMMMMMMMMMM :P

    @Janerowena – Now that makes sense! That’s pretty neat. I wonder if turmeric was also sold in the pharmacy since it’s an antiseptic.

  4. It’s not really pear cheese, it’s soft spreadable cheese with flavour of blue cheese with a hint of pear. I’m sure people eat blue cheese with pear in the US, don’t they? Blue cheese is usually great with fruit or jam, anyway. Of course cheese in a tube isn’t a “fine” kind of cheese, just for quick sandwiches. But I understand it can seem weird when you’re not used to it!

    I think mayonniase is much better in a tube, it doesn’t get yucky and never gets the slightest crust like it can from the oxygen in a jar.

    Turmeric probably haven’t been sold here for that long, and isn’t traditionally used in medicine here (since it wasn’t found here) so I would guess not. But live leeches used to be sold at Apoteket! :)

    Very interesting to see the food I am so used to myself trough other eyes!

  5. @liv I don’t think Americans eat blue cheese with pear. This is news to me.
    Certainly Swedish grocery stores are lot different than American. Most of bigger grocery stores in US have pharmacy, bank, video rental, books, newspaper, postal stamps, greeting cards, wines/alcohol, But I can’t figure out why the grocery, ice cream etc is so expensive in Sweden.

  6. @Liv – I’ve had blue cheese with fruits before, but that was with the more “upper class” of people. I don’t think I’ve never seen Walmart or like sell blue cheese with a hit of pear. Actually, most people I know hate the smell of blue cheese, and compare it to the smell of gym socks. I’m not sure why they are smelling their gym socks, but I know my VFFs smell a lot worse than blue cheese. :p

    PS, I love blue cheese. :D

  7. so good to hear about other people called J! tell your friend she’s got a namesake in moscow, russia — and that her namesake also loves checking out grocery stores internationally.

  8. Interesting, I don’t really see blue cheese and fruit as an upper class thing at all, just the ordinary way to eat it. Not saying what’s right in any way, just interesting to notice diferent customs. I love blue cheese too! :)

    I think I figured that since the chese often comes from Italy or France, and so does the way to eat it with fruit, they would have spread togheter, the fruit along with the cheese… But I was just guessing!

  9. Blue cheese and pear is a foodie thing. Blue cheese itself takes some time and love to really love it. I haven’t thought of it as an upper class thing but more of a “Frenchie” or “foodie” thing. Though they can certainly be associated with class standing.

    But, I’m still really hesitant about putting a pear and blue cheese in a toothpaste tube….Ayiiiiii!!!

  10. I must add that blue cheese in a tube isn’t very good, I tried the kind with blue cheese and whisky flavour once and had to throw it away, it was terrible. I usually love all kinds of cheese, and I don’t mind the tube itself, but blue cheese should be real blue cheese!

  11. Cook sliced pears in a pan with marsala wine and add chopped walnuts. Then serve witha block of blue cheese like gorgonzola. Its a really good dessert. Never heard of pear flavoured cheese though. In the UK you get all sorts of flavoured cheese but not in tubes.

  12. It’s interesting to see our regular products through new eyes.

    Just a note though, piggelin is tuttifrutti flavored, and cheese on a tube is great, I use it instead of butter on my sandwiches. Blue cheese not included.

  13. Hi, I can’t remember the name of a “tube” food for children. I think it was made from whey. Do you know the name of this food? I would like to purchase it for my grandchildren in the USA.

    Thank you.

  14. Christmas Cola… That’s a big NO NO. You never call Julmust by Cola. Christmas soda is fine, but never call it cola. Otherwise, nice blog post.

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