Fine Dining at a Swedish Restaurant

I heard this from a reader and just couldn’t stop laughing. Now I know we pick on men a lot for saying dumb things, but this, from a Swedish girl, is priceless.

An English guy who is dating a Swedish girl asked her to take him to a nice Swedish restaurant in Sweden.

Knowing that there were just too many Swedish restaurant choices, she took him to the one place with universality when it comes to food.

Blindfolded, they took the train and bus to this mysterious restaurant. When she took the blindfold off of him, the English boy saw “I K E A” in giant, yellow letters on the side of a building.

“IKEA?! Isn’t this a furniture store, not a restaurant,” he exclaimed.

“No älskling, there’s also a restaurant in here too!”

They went to the restaurant on the 4th floor and ordered meatballs with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes. It was after all, only 35SEK for 16 pieces.

“Just so you know dear, this isn’t a restaurant. It is a bloody canteen in a furniture store.”

“Yes, but you wanted Swedish meatballs didn’t you?”

Lesson learned – before you ask to go to a Swedish restaurant on a date, find out if they serve meatballs for 35SEK. And I wonder if you would go dutch.

8 thoughts on “Fine Dining at a Swedish Restaurant”

  1. Down to any harbour area in sweden and i promise you all there will not be any 35 kr meatballs in there except on the kiddy meny . And i think what she did was awesome! im gonna steal that trick ;)

  2. They are really good! I had some this week when I went there to buy furniture. The hot dogs at the exit for 5 sek a piece are not bad either! :)

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