Our Indian-America-Swedish Wedding Photos – Finally!

For the past year, I left you all in suspense regarding our wedding photos. They’ve been around for a while, but I was too lazy to share them. You did get a sneak peek to the madness but now here’s the real deal.

There are boatload of photos, so be ready for a long fika!

Being glamourous


my new ears

back in the days

phone time


haldi ceremony - before i become yellow

Haldi Ceremony Collage

haldi on my hands and head!

discussing bridal mehndi - oh, how much to do...

waiting hand and foot

white man + indian mehndi = epic

Indian Bride getting ready for the Sangeet

a couple's hands

the man is popular

the guys & I

L1006027 2


is it okay to stab the cake?

sneaking a bite of cake - i didn't do it!

rangoli flower



dare you to get the garland on!

the sacred fire

the bride's family gives her away

crazy eyes

see my panetar!

Photographs are by Christopher and Andrew. Also thanks to Kate, Sabina, Tinna, and many more for contributing.

11 thoughts on “Our Indian-America-Swedish Wedding Photos – Finally!”

  1. Lovely photos ! I just wonder how long does it take for them to paint the tattoo on your hands ?

  2. Absolutely amazing! Such detailed intricacies. It’s incredible when two cultures and families can come together for a ceremony like a wedding. Was this in Sweden or India? Love it, beautiful bride!

  3. Um weren’t you married like ages ago? And also most of these pictures are already online and on your ‘company’ website the big fat Indian wedding.

    Surely you didnt marry again since it really isn’t possible that you published old pictures online again!

  4. Thanks all!

    @Ai – Missed your comment the first time. The mehndi took 6 hours to put on between two ladies working on my hands and feet. The lady who did my hands (she’s sitting next to me in a photo above as we’re talking) is my mom’s best friend. She also did my mom’s wedding more than 30 years ago. There was a very special connection and I am so grateful she did my mehndi.

    The wedding was in India :)

    @Erik – I have no idea what you’re trying to say…

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