Norway vs Sweden – The Differences {Venn Diagram}

Found this great venn diagram from diesel sweeties:

It also made me think of the differences between the two countries…

They always sound happy when they speak
Super athletic
Two languages: Nynorsk & Bokmål (why oh why…)
North Pole

Land of the semlor, kanelbulle
The Swedish Bikini Team
Station wagon baby-mobiles
Stinky fish
Should have never given Norway independence

Maybe we need to make a new one??

22 thoughts on “Norway vs Sweden – The Differences {Venn Diagram}”

  1. Andrew is wrong.
    Santa is created by CocaCola and is therefore an american creation.

    Jultomten is nordic and isn’t specified to a perticular country, as it is a vital part of the folklore in every nordic country.,

  2. Magnus, not true.

    Santa is Dutch coming from ‘Sinterklaas.’ That’s the modern day Santa; before even Coca-Cola was around.

  3. Santa is Finnish! Check out Rovaniemi online. He lives there! Santa’s real ;-)
    And yes, the Finns know their saunas down to a T!

  4. The original meaning of “tomte” in Swedish is not a huge man with red clothes and a white beard, though. Check it out on Wikipedia… ;-)

  5. Instead of a three way it would be cool to do a diagram with all of Scandinavia- 5 way! Would be a lot more intricate…and confusing! Almost reminds me of the SATW comics, just by characterizing each country.

  6. This website is just way too fun. Never was interested in Scan, but after reading all of posts/whines and defensive comments… sigh, how can anyone resist?

  7. I would just like to make something clear, Scandinavia is three countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. When talking about five countries ( Finland and Iceland included) we talk say the Nordic countries.

    And the tradition that someone comes knocking on the door to distribute gifts didn’t begin with tomten, at least not in Sweden and i suspect the other countries. Before tomten the Yule Goat did the job, just saying.

  8. sweden does have to languages …..

    riks-svenska and Skånska

    finland isnt that a country in russia? and you can keep ur saunas its not that much of a big deal AT ALL in sweden. dont dont even know anyone here that has one to be honest.

  9. Norway Super athletic? They have one better skier, otherwise they lost everthing against us.

    And i can´t understand why you still live in Swenden, becuse you really seams to hate it here.

  10. Found this blogg like an hour ago, love it :)
    The diagram though (i know you dident make it) is pretty messed up. First (and to me the biggest) Black Metal started in England with the band Venom (though they dident sound much like the scandinavian style). The Black Metal scene in norway was actually more influensed by the swedish Death Metal scene. I can really dont say that i heard a singel Norwegian Death Metal band, but both Sweden, Norway and Finnland has a rich Black Metal scene.
    Norway had the Nobel Peace Price, wich has almost nothing to do with the real Nobel prices (that wasent even mentioned).
    As stated by many, Saunas are Finnish. They are som extremly Finnish that they should be on their flag. And yes, they are awsome!
    Dont even get me started on the Thor bit :)
    Santa does not exist in the north. We have Jultomten and he is Odin in a red robe that got drunk and stole Thors chariot and goats to raise hell in midgård. This is why i love the old religions, did Jesus ever do something half that cool? :D

    Also, i have to ask: Super athletic? Did i miss something?

    Once again, love the blogg, im no hater :)

  11. @Eronyme – I think we need to make a new Venn diagram that’s more awesome and accurate. :)

    I think the Norwegian super athletic stems from the fact they do outdoor sports all the time. Regardless of the weather, they’re out there skiing, running, camping, hiking, whatever. I’d say it’s half true at least.

  12. I agree with Andrew. Not only are Swedish saunas weak, but saunas, vodka, fighter jets, hates Sweden, and Santa Clause belong in the Finland circle Get it right, man.

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