10 Favorite Posts About Sweden {Around the Internets}

Here’s my list of ten fun posts to ready by bloggers and journalists around the interwebs.


Snuskhummer – The Filthy lobster
The Swedish language is colorful! About the Swedes love for smashing nouns together.
by OhioGirl at Tales of Södermalm

I’m so excited…!
A witty, costume expert Abby, gets engaged to a Swede. She fell in love, moved to Sweden, moved back to America, Swedo visited, and blushingly proposed. Another good AWWWWWWWW piece.
By Abby at Stay-ing Alive

When a Swede is in India…
The iconic Hairy Swede writes a post about being molested in Mumbai while taking the commuter train with our friends. And this was during the week of my wedding. Rest assured Hairy Swede brought his awesomeness in full force. PS – I’m still waiting for a non-molesting post about India for me. =)
By Hairy Swede at A Swedish American in Swedish America

Overcoming the difficulties of Swedish
How to deal with learning Swedish and failing to learn Swedish when you are in Sweden. Tips and advice provided to improve your chances of knowing the language.
By Missfoster at Swedish Freak

Good Eats in Gothenburg
Hand picked by Joy, a foodie, she lists a few great eateries in Göteborg.
By Joy at Home and Away

Snowy New Year’s Eve
This blog by Swedish-American Desiree, is a veritable food and landscape porn blog. She takes beautiful photos! But my favorite is from her New Year’s Eve, spent in northern Sweden in the winter wonderland.
By Desiree at Sweet Home Sweden

Food, food, food
Okay not entirely about Sweden but Cat in the Kitchen and Anne’s Food cover the culinary delight of foodies. Two of my favorite recipes are the raspberry cheesecake brownies with homemade kesella by Dagmar and Anne’s Swedish pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies).
Dagmar at Cat in the Kitchen
Anne at Anne’s Food

To do right is not an easy path
The generousities of the Swedish government’s asylum policies have saved thousands of people from war and death in their homelands. But, has the government done right by bringing them all here? Have the immigrants failed to integrate due to policy or culture? How will Sweden move towards assimilation in the future?
By Suzanne Daley at The New York Times

Mushroom Picking – To die or not to die…that is not the question!
Cute article about picking the wildly famous mushroom, Chanterelle. Though, a blog that say it is more fun than bunnies is hard to believe since our fuzzballs are awesome.
By Kate at Transatlantic Sketches.

Fun things to do in Lund … Seriously!
In Lund? Shitty weather? Then read ten things on what to do on a rainy day in Lund, because it rains a lot and you need this.
By The four girls at Experience Lund

There you go! I should more of these since there are such great posts written in the blogosphere. I’m just too lazy though.

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