A Call to All Awesome Bloggers in Sweden

Update, May 9th 2012: I started a Lost in Sweden Moosletter. It’s a monthly newsletter that has content from all around the Swedish blogosphere. Be sure to join it fellow bloggers. The first newsletter will go out mid June 2012.

Hey bloggers! And bloggarna?

I am updating my Blogroll and want to include all of you awesome folks.   Your only requirement is that your blog is about Sweden in some way.

Topics to love…and hate:

  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Food
  • Beer
  • Dating
  • Life
  • Babies
  • Feminism
  • Bantering
  • Travel

Your blog need not be in English or Swedish either as there are many great writers in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German that I’ve stumbled across.  You don’t have to be in Sweden either.

Post your link and a blurb about your website and I will update my blogroll and publish an Awesome Bloggers List soon. And do add Lost in Stockholm to your blogroll if you haven’t already. :-)

22 thoughts on “A Call to All Awesome Bloggers in Sweden”

  1. Hi!
    I like your blog and started reading it when I was preparing for moving to Sweden.
    http://colours-of-sweden.blogspot.com/ – it’s my blog about Norra Sverige and my expat life there. There are not so many posts, yet, because I’ve strated a couple of months ago. Hope you would like it.

    PS. It’s in Russian:)

  2. Hej! I am an American student in Uppsala, Sweden and I have been blogging for over a year about all things Swedish. I’m a fan of your blog and I hope you can browse through mine! I’ve been on holiday hiatus but plan on posting regularly starting this week.

  3. Hej allihopa!

    We have a blend of an online magazine/blog about many things, but since most of us are located in Sweden now, we can’t help it but share our amusement about certain Swedish things:)

    Keep up the good work here, we love it!

  4. Hey all! Thanks, I will get my blogroll updated :)

    @Chelsey – Are you from NC? Saw from your travel post but wasn’t sure. I’m from Raleigh. And your puppie is adorable!

    @polya_u – Ran your blog through Google translate so hope they didn’t screw everything up. I love reading it so keep it up! Oh, and do you like Julmust?

    @Amy- Epic – osthyvel.

    @Nkosazana – Thanks girl. Think I had you on the blogroll but will have to double check. Happy belated New Year!

    @Olgie – I saw some of your photos, they are fabulous!

  5. Here you go! I moved to Sweden a year and a half ago from California to get a masters degree at Lund University, and now I live and work in Stockholm. My blog discusses that and more… always related to Sweden :)

  6. My blogg is still fairly new, and I haven’t had too much time to give to it recently,but the idea is to post about people I meet through my shop, and life in Sweden as an ex pat, my daily struggle with Swedish fricatives (or should that be a k instead of a c ;)) . Enjoying your blogg very much.
    See did it again. Blog, not blogg!

  7. Hi!

    I think I have read this blog “from cover to cover” and well, I do have my own blog about Sweden too, focused on cultural differences between Sweden and Spain. Sad fact: it’s in Spanish :( But google translate is your friend :)


    And of course, you are already in my blogroll. Keep up the good work!

  8. @Chelsey – small world! Let’s meet for a fika!

    @Corinne – Thanks! Love your analysis about Swedish/american men and then women.

    @Happy Hedgehog – I have fallen in love with your store! Especially those yellow svea teacup sets. OMG. so cute. And the little hedgehog “öppet” sign, too too cute! I look forward to reading your blogg and drooling on your site. D’oh I did it too.

    @Brannigan – With the help of Google Translate, your blog was very funny. I definitely agree with receiving criticism and feedback in Sweden. Sometimes the boss is too scared or unsure of what to say, so you have no idea. But they are more polite than Americans (I’ve been lucky to have great bosses, here and there) and don’t make you feel stressed out.

    At Paris airport, there’s always a run on the boarding. The French don’t want to listen, and the Swedes get lost and join the melee. Hehe.

    Will add all of your blogs too!

  9. Okay! I’ve updated the blogroll and everyone is added in except:

    I am guessing because Feevy (the site i use to maintain my blogroll) does not read urls with “-” (dashes). That blows, and sucks even more that you cannot contact them.

    Anyone have a cool WordPress widget/plugin that lists link based on the most recent blog post (and lists that post too)? Similar to Blogspot’s link list widget.

  10. Hi there, I sometimes write on my blog about Swedish movies and Sweden actors in general ’cause I’m movie junkie so it’s fun for me. Actually, most of the articles on my blog are somehow Sweden related :) it’s in Czech though so I guess nobody will understand but you can add me to your blogroll anyway if you like.

  11. Hello, from some reason my post didn’t come out the first time so I am a bit delayed… I love reading you blog and have added it to my blogroll. I have a new blog (as of November) about moving to Sweden and finding my way there. The blog is in Hebrew. :) Thanks!

  12. Hi Sapphire!

    I have been around here earlier, nice to see your blog blooming :-)

    I have 2 Stockholm blogs, but I can see from your comment jut above that that my Blogger photo blog wouldn’t work here, because of the dashes. But maybe my TheLocal.se blog would: http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/stuckinstockholm

    And I need to update that with the blogroll, it has disappeared and you were on it.


  13. Hej! We are four girls enjoying student life in Lund. Our blog is about lifestyle, places, people and stories in this lovely, Swedish city. We are happy to share our insights and experiences with you. Follow our blog!

  14. Hej Sapphire! :) You’ve already received my message. Hope your year is off to a better start! Hugs to you!

  15. Hey awesome bloggers! And readers!

    If you have photos of the Swedish winter, share them here. Drop a link to a post or your photo.

    Am putting together a facebook album and a post with winter photos here on LiS.

    You can also email me at ablacksapphire @ gmail dto com with your photos.


  16. Bloggers! I have an exciting little project coming up that can benefit the Swedish blogger community at large.

    Will announce it later this week.

    First, if you are a graphic designer and willing to put in a few hours to help design a badge, please contact me! You will be forever spännande!

  17. honestly i like your blog cos it is different from others about sweden, they are all about how wonderfull the country is and so on… i dont understand how one can have such attitude, like everyhing is great and bla bla bla. what is nice about your blog is actually the fact that u say even the things that u dont like and that u describe them, as we say, “with all colors”

  18. Hej! Would love to link to the network whenever. Now living in France but considering a return to Sverige. My blog was Swedish-based and still has bits and bobs of a Swedish nature on regular basis.
    Will also add the logo, if I can figure out how to do it, to my site. Best, Iain

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