Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it… Make it Snow Darn-it!!!

As you all are aware of, I am a kooky person. I LOVE the snow. Love it, love it, love it! That’s not to say I don’t love sunny days, and flowers blooming but watching the snowfall is something special.

Snowfall is magical.

Yet, this winter, sucks. No rain, no snow, no Weather! Stockholm feels as if the Weather went on strike and decided the best thing to have was charcoal gray as the standard color.

Today I was yet again let down by Weather. It started snowing. Giant, white, fluffy flakes of snow! Here’s my proof it happened:
stockholm fake winter 2012

And then, it was gone…

Just like on December 17th and the 20th (I know because that was a birthday wish), the snow came and disappeared. Ephemeral; dismal.

Now, it is time to pray to Þórr to strike Mjölnir hard and make it snow.

11 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it… Make it Snow Darn-it!!!”

  1. Hej, Hej.

    I passed thorugh Arlanda today on my way back to my UK home. Boring and grey it was! After three months of rainy weather and ice, I understand why my Swedish friends love the snow, although it was late coming!

    I have just spent a wonderful white Christmas in Northern Sweden, where there is plenty of the white stuff at my Swedish home. Now I will miss it as I am back in the UK until April. Just think – you could have rain, more rain and oh, rain again!!!

    For a quick fix, catch a flight to Skelleftea and head up the 95 to Storklinta ski slopes. Two hours and you can enjoy snow, friendly people and stunning scenery….

  2. I’m moving to Stockholm on the first of March. Hopefully the winter has managed to reach the city by then, I am sick of grey winters! (living in Amsterdam)

  3. Here in Iceland, it snowed for the last couple of weeks and boy, did we really have a white christmas. According to the news, it has never snowed this much for ages ! And now, we have plenty of rain which makes it so difficult to walk around because it’s slippery. I’m opting to get those spike soles though and don’t care if it’s only use by old people. Better be safe than breaking my arm or leg :)

  4. Hi, I am from Bulgaria, but I love Stockholm. I`ve been there and I just fell in love with that city! I love the snow and it is really bad that I can`t see snow in Stockholm. So I am wondering what is going on with this weather and that is how I saw this blog. Here on Bulgaria we have snow and I am going out to make some photos. I just love to take pictures :) I wish you all the best and happy snowy days in my loving Stockholm! :)

  5. Do take some photos from your hometown and post us a link!

    We had a smidgen of snow yesterday, making the city glow, but alas, today is +4C and raining.

  6. I had my mother flown in from South Africa. I was hoping that there were going to be like a at least a couple of decimetres of snow. But no.. Back to sunny Durban for her from damp and wet Sweden.

  7. Wow! Thanks Svet for sharing the photos. Looks magical and winter wonderland where you are.

    Not so much here but still have hopes for snow!

  8. @Melanie – That sounds like a wonderful white Christmas for you! I should really head up north one of these days and experience real snow. Have any photos to share?

    @Christopher- Make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…make it snow…

    @Ai Love – Better to be safe, and silly looking, than breaking your arm. Last year, Stockholm city did a pathetic job of removing snow/ice. Took up to three weeks to remove ice from the sidewalks and then it was 10-20cm thick blocks. I fell down going to work everyday. Get those spike soles and rock them!

    @Anthony – fingers crossed.

    @Nkosazana – That is a fail for your mom to not see any snow. Boooo. And still, the weather is so icky.

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