Google’s Translate Sexism – Women are Stupid

A poorly translated phrase started going around the Swedish speaking community. It’s no surprise Google Translate is stupid at translating currencies and nationalities, but this was one, a bit out of line:

Män är män – men are men
och – and
män är dumma – men are stupid
men – but
Män är män och män är dumma – men are men and women are stupid

You can try this out in Google Translate Swedish to English.

Not sure what Google is trying to say, but I am a women.

7 thoughts on “Google’s Translate Sexism – Women are Stupid”

  1. They must have changed it – I just tried it out and it says that men are stupid now! I wouldn’t mind betting that someone was playing around at google HQ and started it off. I only say this because my nephew works for them, and I know what he is like….

  2. It worked just as well to write “män är män och män är smarta”… much more fun in my opinion.

  3. @janerowena – That’s a bummer but also good.

    @liv – I guess it’s too bad Google fixed that “mistake” now.

  4. Naughty Google, that’s baaaad.

    Was a bit surprised to read ‘ the Swedish speaking community’. What’s that when it’s at home if I may ask? Sweden is a country, not a community and Swedish is the language we speak. It’s a bit steep to reduce the whole country to a little community…

  5. @Ulrika – People speak Swedish outside the country, ergo, community. Ever hear the term “global community”? The world is a small, small place.

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