Swedish Christmas Julbord Foods- Handy Dandy Translation Guide

Christmastime in Sweden means julbord. It is a traditional Christmas dinner. The julbord is a smörgåsbord, a collection of dishes from cold to hot served on a table, like a buffet.

Families have a julbord on Christmas Eve but companies also have a julbord at a Christmas party. If you will be celebrating julbord with your company or family, I created a Swedish to English guide to all foods served at the dinner.
Christmas smörgåsbord
You can download two different versions: a three page guide in pretty larger font or a two page guide (perfect for front and back printing) in small font.
Pretty three page julbord guide
Easy to print two page julbord guide

Feel free to share and print the guide as much as you want with friends but please give credit and share the link love.

And here’s the guide below to enjoy. There are over 130 delicious foods! {Okay… lutefisk is not so tasty} Just remember to pace yourself, or your stomach will blow up, literally. :-)

The Swedish Julbord is traditionally had in “plates” versus courses. Each plate has a different theme: herring, fish, cold meat, vegetables, etc. Today it is not strictly observed and you can condense/mix plates.

First Plate

  1. Inlagd sill – Pickled herring (not surströmming!)
  2. Rökt matjessill – Smoked herring with spices
  3. Matjessill – Herring with spices
  4. Senapssill – Mustard herring
  5. Löksill – Onion herring
  6. Ansjovis – Anchovies
  7. Currysill – Curry flavored herring
  8. Havtornsill – Sea-bucktorn herring
  9. Sherrysill – Sherry flavored herring
  10. Tegnérsill – Herring w/ crème frâiche and chili
  11. Chilisill – Chili flavored herring
  12. Apelsin- och rosmarinsill – Orange- rosemary herring
  13. Kräftströmming – Baked herring with dill and tomato puree.
  14. Ansjovisströmming – Baked herring with anchovies, cream, onion, and dill.
  15. Kaviarströmming – Baked herring with caviar
  16. Ört- och vitlöksgravad strömming – Baked herring with herbs and garlic.
  17. Löjromsströmming – Fine Swedish caviar with herring. Mixed with sour cream, mayonnaise and spices, served cold.
  18. Stekt inlagd strömming – Fried pickled herring
  19. Matjessilltårta – Herring pie made w/ eggs
  20. Löjromsägg – Hard boiled eggs topped with Swedish caviar
  21. Skagenägg – Hard boiled eggs topped w/ shrimp
  22. Laxägg – Hard boiled eggs topped with salmon
  23. Sillsallad – Herring salad
  24. Second Plate

  25. Gravad lax – Cured salmon
  26. Kallrökt lax – Cold-smoked salmon
  27. Varmrökt lax – Smoked salmon
  28. Portvinslax – Salmon infused with port wine
  29. Inkokt lax – poached salmon
  30. Laxtartar – Raw salmon (similar to steak tartar)
  31. Laxpaté – Salmon pate
  32. Gubbröra – “old dude’s salad” – hard boiled eggs with anchovies, red onions, dill and sour cream.
  33. Rökta räkor – Smoked shrimp
  34. Kräftskagen – Crayfish sandwiches – made with dill, sour cream, caviar.
  35. Skaldjursterrin – Shellfish soup
  36. Confiterad röding – Char confit
  37. Skaldjurssallad – Shrimp and mussel salad
  38. Pastramilax – Sauteed lax with four peppers and honey/citrus
  39. Hovmästarsås – also called gravlaxsås – Mustard sauce with dill
  40. Honungssenapscrème – Honey mustard cream
  41. Pepparrotsdressing Citron – Horseradish citrus dressing
  42. Chilicrème – Chili cream
  43. Örtagårdssås – Garden herb sauce
  44. Saffrans- och apelsinaioli – Saffron- orange aioli
  45. Third Plate

  46. Julskinka – Christmas ham
  47. Rullsylta – Rolled thin flanks (pork, veal) boiled
  48. Kalvsylta – jellied veal
  49. Leverpastej – Liver pate
  50. Lantpaté – Chicken liver with spices
  51. Fasanterrin – Pheasant terrine (slow cooked soup)
  52. Rökt lammstek – Smoked lamb
  53. Lammterrin – Lamb terrine (slow cooked soup)
  54. Pomeransjulanka- Christmas duck w bitter orange
  55. Kycklingleverparfait – Chicken liver parfait
  56. Kycklinggalantine – Chicken galantine w veal/pork
  57. Renkorv – Reindeer sausage
  58. Älgkorv – Elk sausage
  59. Tjälknöl – Norrlands elk. Baked in the oven on low heat for several hours
  60. Fårfiol – cured, salted leg of mutton (sheep)
  61. Kroppkaka – Potato, meat dumplings
  62. Tillbehör – side dishes

  63. Våra senapsfavoriter – Selection of mustards
  64. Cumberlandsås – Cucumber salad
  65. Cornichons – French pickles
  66. Äppelmos – Apple sauce
  67. Syltlök – Onion relish
  68. Pepparrot – Horseradish
  69. Picklade grönsaker – Pickled vegetables
  70. Apelsin- och aprikoschutney – Orange, apricot chutney
  71. Västeråsgurka – large, famous, salty pickle
  72. Pressgurka– sliced pickle w pepper, vinegar sugar
  73. Rödbetssallad – Beet salad
  74. Syltad svamp- Mushroom preserve
  75. Fourth Plate

  76. Köttbullar – Swedish meatballs
  77. Isterband – Pork potato sausages
  78. Kåldolmar – Cabbage rolls filled with rice
  79. Revbensspjäll – Roasted pork ribs
  80. Julgryta – Christmas stew with figs, cinnamon and tenderized cow shoulder pieces
  81. Prinskorv – Prince sausage
  82. Janssons frestelse – Jansson’s Temptation – Casserole of potatoes, cream, onions, anchovies.
  83. Dopp i grytan – Sauce made from leftover bits of christmas ham. Bread is typically dipped into this
  84. Wallenbergare – Ground veal, cream and onions
  85. Lutfisk – lye fish – salted/cured white fish; gelatinous in texture, has a pungent odor.
  86. BBQ-rökt oxkarré – BBQ smoked meat
  87. Vedugnsgrillad pomeranskyckling – Wood fired roasted chicken with bitter orange.
  88. Tillbehör – side dishes

  89. Rödkål – red cabbage
  90. Brunkål – Boiled and fried white cabbage cooked with vinegar, salt, and syrup
  91. Långkål {grönkäl} – Kale
  92. Lutfisksås och kryddor – Lutefish sauce with spices
  93. Gröna ärtor – green peas
  94. Stekta champinjoner – sautéed mushrooms
  95. Kokt potatis – Boiled potatoes
  96. Kokta rotfrukter – Boiled root vegetables
  97. Brysselkål – Brussels sprouts
  98. Rårörda lingon – Mashed lingonberries
  99. Fifth Plate

  100. A variety of salads are served. Ginger (ingefära), rödkål (red cabbage), romaine (romaine), morot (carrot), betor (beets), fänkål (fennel), granatäpple (pomegranate), nötter (nuts) are popular ingredients.
    Greens are not a big part of the julbord though.
  101. Sixth Plate

  102. A variety of local Swedish cheeses (Västerbottenost, Boxholm, Smålandsost, etc) and international favorites are served.
  103. Vikabröd
  104. Mjukt tunnbröd – Soft flatbread
  105. Hårt tunnbröd – Hard/crispy flatbread
  106. Surdegsbröd – Sourdough
  107. Vörtlimpa – Christmas bread – dark bread with christmas spices
  108. Kavring – Dense, dark rye bread
  109. Husåknäcke – Huså’s (a company) crispy bread
  110. Valnötsbröd – walnut bread
  111. Fikonbröd – fig bread
  112. Veteknäcke – Wheat crispy flat bread
  113. Seventh Plate

  114. Ris à la Malta med mandel – Cold rice pudding whipped with whipped cream and almonds
  115. Grynkaka – cold rice pudding with saffron
  116. Fruktsallad – fruit salad
  117. Mandelmusslor med hjortron – Almond cookies with cloudberry jam
  118. Småländsk ostkaka – Småland’s cheesecake
  119. Chokladmousse – Chocolate mousse
  120. Kryddbavaroise – Spiced bavarian cream
  121. Päron- och mandelkaka – Pear-almond cake
  122. Crème caramel – Flan
  123. Äppelterrine med kanel och hasselnötter – Apple terrine with cinnamon and hazelnuts (usually has no flour)
  124. Mandarinmousse – Mandarin orange mousse
  125. Saffranspannkaka – {Gotland} Saffron pancakes
  126. Frukter – an assortment of winter fruits like dadlar (dates), fikon (figs) and satsuma oranges
  127. Tillbehör

  128. Vispgrädde – Whipped cream
  129. Rårörda bär – Berry sauce
  130. Saftsås – Saft sauce
  131. Eight Plate

  132. Klenäter – Swedish small fried pastry dough – similar to donuts, possibly originated in Germany
  133. Struvor – Rosette-styled deep fried pastry (donut)
  134. Chokladtryffel – chocolate truffle
  135. Ischoklad – mini chocolate cup candies
  136. Knäck – Crack – hard coffee
  137. Pepparkakor – Gingerbread cookies
  138. Marsipan – Marzipan
  139. Blandade nötter – Mixed nuts
  140. Marmelad – Marmalade
  141. Saffransskorpor – Saffron biscotti
  142. Nötskorpor – Nut biscotti
  143. Hallongrottor – Thick cookies with raspberry jam
  144. Kladdkaka- Gooey chocolate cake

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6 thoughts on “Swedish Christmas Julbord Foods- Handy Dandy Translation Guide”

  1. As a swede i find this pretty much accurate, altough there are a few local differenses.
    For intance, i have never encounterd Isterband on the julbord i have been attending, but i know a few friends who live in Skåne who always have it on their julbord.

  2. I just ran into this post doing some research on the theme of Christmas+translation. As a second-generation Swedish-American (now of dual French-American nationality) I found this fascinating!

    My father, whose mother was born in Sweden, grew up speaking Swedish in Spokane, Washington, USA — but had forgotten it all by junior high school.

    My family continues to carry on a certain fascination with Swedish culture — it’s a long story!

    I’ve put you on my Google Reader list and hope to keep up now!

    Happy holidays — and don’t eat too much lutefisk!

  3. Impressive list! Probably one of its kind.

    I think this list could be useful for any non Swedish speaking person visiting a julbord! It must be a bewildering experience seeing all that Christmas food (some more strange looking than other) and not having the slighest idea of its ingredients.

    God Jul!

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