The Last Day of November 2011

It’s amazing that there are only 32 days left until 2012. For better and worse, the year flew by.

The end of November means the end of the seemingly darkest month of the year; the most depressing time (post summer, pre-holidays), and plain dullness. Last few years people complained it snowed and snowed and there was no sunlight.

This November was drab. It was depressing; no snow, no rain, no real sunshine. November 2011 became the purgatory of months: relegated to nothingness but required into order to pass into the next season.

It’s a cold winter waiting. I wish I could look out the window and watch the twinkles of snowfall and the sparkles in the sky.

According to SMHI, Sweden is facing a warm, mild winter. With the onset of snow and sub-zero temperatures expected late in the year, the wildlife is still alive; the flowers, the mushrooms, and the birds. It is fun though to see flowers blooming in November, in Stockholm.

But I still hope it snows in time for my birthday and Christmas. This year, I’m not asking for much, just snow.

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  1. Do you remember how hectic was beginning of 2011 was? All sorts of planning for wedding, sending out invitation cards, getting things ready for wedding, Taking 55 visitors in Mumbai BEST bus. We did not have time to relax at that time. Now is the time to relax

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