Top 5 Hot Swedish Men

Today’s top five is to satisfy all the lovely ladies who read this blog and enjoy drooling at Swedish men and perhaps dating them.

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Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden
He’s still single and hot ladies!

Alexander Skarsgård
Son of Stellan Skargård, Alex and his family are movie legends. Of course we all know him as Eric on the HBO series True Blood.

Björn Borg
He might be an old man selling underwear today, but he was a looker during his pro tennis years.

Alex Lundqvist
Male model and professional paintballer (evidently there is a pro league), Alex Lundqvist is famous for his GUESS? modeling stint.

Freddie Ljungberg
A footballer and Calvin Klein underwear model, this man is the poster boy for the hot, rugged, swedish male.

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Hot Swedish Men”

  1. Carl-Philip has not been singel for a couple of years. He is now living together with his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist.

  2. Martina: Huh? What does a ring have to do with anything? Do you mean he is less in a relationship because he isn’t engaged or married? Weird.

  3. @ Ravi, there was one post on swedish ladies, which had tons of pictures ….I think we should have another post with more pictures of swedish guys haha :) just to even it out, of course :p

  4. @ Ih, I will be in Stockholm in three more days. I will make sure to get hundreds pics of these lovely ladies and send to Sapphire. Oh, I forgot, Stockholm will be very cold and babe will be covered.

    @ Chris: I need your help here to find these pretty ladies. I understand you have a huge collection of pics.

  5. These men are perfect… And Alexander Skarsgard is the hottest man in the world!

    A friend of mine was in Stockholm a few days ago, she says the streets of Stockholm are full of handsome guys. Blonde men are yumm!

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