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Today I’m interviewing a very good friend of mine, Christopher Grant. He’s a photographer, hiking master, and overall amazing photographer and friend.

We meet a few years ago via Facebook when I was looking to meet other photographers in Sweden. And there he was! He’s a veritable road-warrior who has traveled the world for photographers. He’s met everyone from President Clinton and Carl Bildt to little tent mice to tribal leaders.

When I got married early this spring (sorry I’ll share photos one day), I asked him to be our photographer. While he was reluctant at first to shoot a seven day wedding, he was the right man to be the pusher. Wedding photography is guerrilla warfare after all.

Today he works with private clients who are models looking to bolster their portfolio or normal people looking for private portraits of an artsy nature (not sexy, but not necessarily non-nudes). He has a full plate working with private clients, shooting for the Daily Photo, and working hands deep in gum printing. In 2012 he will delve deeper into the New Topographics movement and exhibiting his prints.

Christopher also runs the a collection of photographs from his town, Sweden, and the world. Personally, going through his photographs is mesmerizing.

Check out his timeline page:

How you can not be addicted to every photo? Each of his photos has a short story and through them you observe a slice of life in the Great North.

The man himself…on the left not right.

Even though we speak on a regular basis, it has been a long time since I bothered about Chris why’s and how’s of photography. Here’s an interview I had with him.

How did you get into photography?
I don’t believe I was ever out of photography. Even at a young age I was making photographs with my mind, imagining snapshots of life. I didn’t begin making a living out of it though until I befriended a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who started me along my own path.

Why did you start Daily Photo?
It’s important to complete work, which I’m horrible at. On it’s a sort of canvas for everyday projects that never get finished, but it trains me to try.

How do you focus to get that “one shot”?
When I wake I look for the emotions inside me and try to find inspiration in the world that expresses those emotions. The stronger the emotions the stronger the focus for the photograph.

What is the most amazing place you visited?
Deception Pass, Washington State. I recovered a bit of my soul there.

What three tips do you have for budding photographers?
Shoot cliches.
Get good at it.
Then, never shoot a cliche again.

If you were a tea, what tea would you be? :)
Fo Cha, but I drink a far more mundane variety.

Check out Christopher’s sites
Christopher Grant Portfolio – English / Swedish
The Daily Photo – English
Ezine – Sign up – Focusing on the best photographic moments, the magazine will be published quarterly starting in the winter of 2011. Sign up to receive the ezine for free.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Christopher Grant – The Daily Photo”

  1. Reading this interview about Christopher is rather interesting for me.

    See, he is my brother and I know him as such. However, reading this caused me to reflect with how significant his photography is and they way he shapes the world through his photography.

    I completely agree with your perspective how each photograph is a story. I’ve always felt rather curious with each of his photos… “What is the story behind this photo?” I guess it is a sign of a great artist to create that question with people when they take in his work.


  2. I’ve met Christopher about 3 year ago in Lund’s Folksuniversitetet, and
    was immediately impressed by his character.
    It’s rare that one gets to mee such an open, funny, interesting and incredibly talented spirit such as Christopher. I wish him only the best and much deserved success!

    All the best,

  3. I like the interview and the introduction of Christopher and his site the I had never been to the site earlier but i admit after i cliked the timeline link i spend a good amount of time looking af photographs. I like that you during the i guess year and a half the site has been running you see a development in the style. It is like looking at someone finding their passion after having been around many styles and subjects.
    This is a site i will return to for sure, so thank you for shaing your friend with us.

  4. This man is amazing. I met him few days before “The wedding”. His enthusiasm is huge. With 3-4 cameras hanging around his neck, working literary 24×7, he took some truly outstanding pictures of the wedding. Even though he was down with cold, he kept on clicking some great pics. Man is passionate about his photography. I salute him.

  5. What a great interview! I’m truly glad I found Christopher’s blog, we even met once over a latte in one of Lund’s coffee-shops. He is the kind of person I immediately feel that I can open up to, even if we just met. Thanks to you, I will now have tons of questions next time we get a chance to meet up.

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