Crappy Monday from India

I’m guessing most of you have crawled your way to the office and pouring the first cup of coffee in what is the longest day of the week.

Originally this post said happy monday, but honesty, WTF. Crappy Monday!

As for me, I’m enjoying a hot cup of chai courtesy of my mom’s recipe with fresh ginger and lemongrass. (Today is three months from when you left us, I miss you everyday but I love you and will dream big for you.)

{Animated gif by The Oatmeal, the most fabulous site out there}

The weather forecast for Mumbai helps too but it is too hot because there have been no clouds or rain in the past week.

desert. hot.


On the plus side you can always find delicious food in Mumbai, and this dish from Moshe’s was sublime. That weird yellow drink was a mango, coconut, lemongrass, honey fresh juice. I am so obsessed with lemongrass now. Obsessed!!
Moshe's mumbai
More Mumbai photos to enjoy.

But I must say, I do prefer the Swedish summer much more. Charming and buccolic.

Happy Monday and drink the black death called coffee. Just don’t turn into the little monster from above. {Animated gif by The Oatmeal, the most fabulous site out there}

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