PSA on New York – It’s a STATE

This is a Public Service Announcement.

Swedes, Americans, and the rest of the world, please take note that New York is a state, not a city. New York City is a city and no matter how much the people bitch, they’re still going to be part of the state of New York.

state of new york versus new york city
[Image by Sarah Roberts]


Being from New York, it becomes annoying when people say, “I love New York City.”
Me: No, “I’m from New York. The State. You know?”
Confused fool: Blank stare.
Me: “You know, where Niagara Falls, Finger Lakes and the rest of mass between NYC and Canada exist.”
Confused fool: “Ohhhh…I’ve never met anyone from outside the city.”
Me: “Yea…we do exist…”

New York Staters are in danger from being wiped out by city folk. Please save us.

Thank you.

End of Public Service Announcement.

5 thoughts on “PSA on New York – It’s a STATE”

  1. Lol, I agree. My mom is from upstate NY and people always ask her if shes from NYC. She did live there for a few years in her 20s though…

    As for the poster above, I’m from Washington… State of course. I never liked it when people ask me if I am from Washington, DC. I’t’s totally different and on opposite sides of the country.

  2. Why don’t you just say you’re from the same state as NYC? It’s a bit much to expect that everyone in the world should know all the American states when it’s not like Americans know all the provinces in Sweden, or even Canada.

  3. I do say that. Although most people don’t understand there’s a difference between New York State and New York City. And when that happens, I don’t bother to explain anymore.

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