Robocoptering in Stockholm

We received a pretty fabulous wedding present: a helicopter and speed boat ride, a robocopter!

Or maybe they call it ribocopter. Whatever, it was awesome.

The boat ride was an hour and the helicopter ride was around 20 minutes. It definitely could have been longer!

Here are photos, be jealous.

It fits a house!
stockholm sweden

The dials on a chopper.

Foggy islands over Sweden

The helicopter blade is bent in time!

The smallest island ever, and we landed on it.

The small island with the white trees was destroyed by the skarvar (cormorants).
Nearby to the left of the island, the Swedish military built underwater walls to prevent invading ships, mainly Russian, from having a free for all access to the waters. By doing this, they forced the ships to take specific routes or crash into the wall, making it easier to attack and defend.

That’s our boat!

And that is me in a giant pouffy and very warm suit. The life jacket is not even on yet!

For it being a very crappy year we at least took a pretty awesome chopper ride, hot air balloon and still stayed married. Win!

4 thoughts on “Robocoptering in Stockholm”

  1. It looks as if someone has attached a dainty little head to a completely unrelated photo of a warm suit!

  2. Chelsey – rocked! Major props to husband’s ex-coworkers for putting this together.

    Janerowena – HAHAHAHA! So true! I felt like the Stay Puff Man.

  3. How awesome is that trip! Wow.
    Plus that island with dead trees is really fascinating.. hmmm.. must look it up.

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