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There is one beauty you can never tire of in Stockholm: the view. Despite it being a relatively flat city with low height buildings, there are a few buildings that stand tall in the city and lend a beautiful view.

It does not matter if you come in the wintertime, summertime, fall-time, springtime or depressing time, the views will change but be spectacular nevertheless.

The bars and restaurants chosen lay on the water and offer earthly views, or lay in the sky and offer heavenly views.

Sitting on top of a random elevator shaft and walkway, Gondolen sits atop Slussen. You can see Gamla Stan, city, Djurgården, and Skeppsholmen.

The drinks and food are on the pricey side and the people who visit the restaurant are either tourists or those born before the war. Service can be good though since they do encounter tourists, but just don’t be a douche and stand around for an hour without buying a drink.

Skrapan is the tallest building in Stockholm city. The lower levels are student housing and the top two floors is a stylish restaurant. The restaurant has a near 360 degree review of the entire city. Skrapan is great to get drinks or dinner, though a little on the pricey side, but wonderful all year round.

The restaurant Kungsholmen is on the island of Kungsholmen. So smart. The restaurant is all windows and sits on the south side of the island and overlooks northwestern Södermalm.

The food at Kungsholmen is eclectic and international. From cajun chicken to tandoori chicken you can find delicious food and drinks. In the wintertime you can watch the floating ice crushing against each other.

Eken is the hotel bar at the Hilton hotel in Slussen. The outdoor serving is open a few short months in the summer and is worth it. The indoor hotel bar overlooks the tracks into Gamla Stan as well as City Hall but it is nearly as exciting as sitting outside.

Pontus by the Sea is located on the easter side of Gamla Stan. They are known for the shellfish, delicious, and outdoor seating in the summer. Of course in the wintertime, the restaurant is full with people, but it’s not the same thing.

Expect higher prices and stuffed up Östermalmers but ignore them as they takeover anywhere cool.

Mossebacke / Södra Bar & Kök
These two bars share the same terrasse overlooking Gamla Stan and Djurgården. They are funky and offbeat and cater to the Södertjejer and killar of the city.

Södra Bar is a nightclub, bar, and a theater. They have cultural performances, and off-Broadway productions.

Mossebacke is a terrasse bar. It’s wonderful in the summertime and pretty much closed in the dead of winter. But for a great view, visit the place.

Sky Bar Radisson Blu
This is the one place I do NOT recommend. The Sky Bar is nothing like what the reviews say, though mainly they are written by the hotel itself.

The bar is small, extremely overpriced (a $22 martini is cheap comparatively), and has a view of construction at T-Centralen and dingy street shops on Klarabergsvägen. The clientele was more in line for super senior citizen day than the “under 65 age group.”

Located right next to Kungsholmen Restaurant, Orangeriet is rococo and vintage style. It’s a fun place with less fake bougies and more class.

Definite worth a visit if you want to have good drinks and a lot of fun.

Josefin’s is the other bar I don’t recommend visiting. While it’s in a great location behind Nordiska Museet facing the water, the people and wait staff are anything but tolerable. A glass of wine, crappy at best quality, is 100:- and served in an old plastic glass. Everything is served in plastic.

This TV and radio tower stands 155 meters tall and is Stockholm’s tallest building. Except for broadcasting and the cafe, nothing else is in the building.

There is a 360 degree view of all of Stockholm and the charming, rudimentary cafe is worth grabbing a coffee and cake.

Definitely not a place to forget your camera!

Entry costs 30SEK but is free with the Stockholm Card.

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Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant with a view?

Be sure to check out my list of best bars and pubs in the city.

6 thoughts on “Visit Stockholm: Bars with a View”

  1. Another great view is from the Fotografiska Museet! Top floor, they have a cafe with a beautiful view of the inner Stockholm harbour overlooking Skeppsholmen, Djurgården and the cruise ships.

    Supposedly, end of this month they will be offering brunch!

  2. Well you can’t leave out Hermans that is located on the edge of the cliff above Fotografiska! They have a vegetarian buffé pretty cheap (including coffee/tea!) and it’s good, I’m always stuffed when I leave. I think they barbecue during evenings as well. However, they don’t serve alcohol and it’s best to visit during the summer, even though it’s packed with tourists.

  3. What happened to the description of Orangeriet?
    That is a cool bar in my opinion. Great views all year round, nice terrace in summertime and quite cozy and enjoyable in winter, thanks to the inner fireplace.

    Another place I would recommend, mainly for the view, is the restaurant inside the Moderna Museet. If you visit it during the summer, don’t miss the terrace. You can get the best pictures of the Vasa museum from there. The food is nothing special, but if you are already planning on visiting the museum it is worth stopping by.

  4. @Brannigan – Opps! I added it last and I guess I didn’t save the post. Will fix now.

    Yes! I forgot about the spot inside the Moderna Museet.

    @Erik – Good point about Hermans. But I’ll include it with best restaurants with a view (which means I should probably remove Kaknästorget).

    @Andrew – Let us know about the brunch possibility!

  5. Dear Sapphire,

    I know this comment is completely unrelated, but I’ve been reading so much about Swedish dads I just wanted to share. I remember when I visited Stockholm last year I saw sooo many (gorgeous, fashionable, young) Swedish dads with strollers, even more than moms. When I came back to the States I couldn’t stop gushing about it with my friends. So then I started reading more about the topic and it seems that in Scandinavia in general an aspect of “masculinity” is engrained paternity and dads think it is completely normal and necessary to be involved in raising their children! and their government helps! incredible! Anyways, this is totally random, but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm (and not bore my friends with this again and again haha).

  6. @lh – haha! totally unrelated but reminds me to write an article about Daddies in Sweden. It is awesome!

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