Swedish Butter Crisis Keeps Churning

Update: Sweden is out of the butter crisis, but Norway is lacking delicious spread.

The comic Scandinavia and the World put the butter shortage best:

There is a problem buying real butter, smör, at the grocery stores. Not Bregott, or Lätta, or some fake margarine that Swedes loves so much, real butter is nowhere to be found. I first thought the shortage was restricted to certain regions because of shipping issues or something mundane.

Nope, Swedes are evidently on a fat-high roll; they are addicted to butter, high fat milk and yogurt.

Seriously, an entire nation of kanelbullar and potatis eaters without butter? Kill Julia Child again.

When I was at Hemköp yesterday, I took a photo of this letter. I missed the bottom half where it discusses the low-carb diet.

According to the newspapers and the dairy industry, the reasons for the empty shelves are that people are into the LCHF diet and that over the last 20 years consumption has declined for full fat, “natural” products.

It makes me wonder how much butter people have to eat to cause a national shortage. Would a low carb diet really be the cause of it? You would be eating butter by the kilos to cause a smörbrist (butter crisis)!

I will blame butter smearing contests as the root problem. Too many Swedes going wild and smearing butter on each other like life size smörgåsar. Definite likely problem. Solution? None really, except buy knäckebröd in the millions of tones and use the butter-smeared people as a dip.

The other ‘real’ reason for the butter shortage is the lack of demand for high fat products. Butter sales have been falling for years and exports increasing. Twenty years ago, Sweden used to ship 25,000 metric tons of butter across Europe. This year so far it is only 1,100 tons. Now, we need to import cream from Denmark. Not daelig.

Here is Sweden’s dairy production for last year:
348,000 cows yield an average 8329 kg milk / year
which yield…
1 million ton of drinking milk
263,000 tons fil and yogurt
110 000 tonnes of cream
103 000 tonnes of cheese
49,000 tons of milk powder
18,596 tons of butter
via NA.
We really need more butter…

I hope the issue will be resolved in time for the holiday season because I want to make lots of cookies. High fat, high carb, delicious cookies.

4 thoughts on “Swedish Butter Crisis Keeps Churning”

  1. There are definitely some recipes for which there is no substitute for butter. Some cake toppings end up greasy and just gross. Nothing is allowed to mess with my cake toppings!

  2. Danes should stop buying butter because of the fat tax. Swedes can then buy all the butter they need.

    Would be perfect for ice swimming. Coat yourself in butter to add a protective layer to your skin instead of using a wetsuit.

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