Visit Sweden: Transportation & Getting Around

Sweden is an easy accessible country despite it being one of the northernmost nations in the world.

Getting in and then getting around the country is also easy as the country is well functioning.

Here’s our guide to transportation and visiting Sweden. There will be a transportation guide to Stockholm next time.

Stockholm Arlanda – ARN – Country’s largest airport. Has operations with SAS to major destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Other major airlines include Norwegian, Lufthansa, AirFrance/KLM.

Gothenburg Landvetter – GOT – Sweden’s second largest airport. Operates to all major destinations in Europe and few to North America.

Stockholm Skavsta – NYO – Ryan Air’s and other cheaper airlines use the airport. Takes 1hr 20min by bus (and it is the only way to travel) between Stockholm city and the airport. Prepare for traffic disruptions during bad weather.

Malmö-Sturup Airport – MMX – Domestic airport though some flights to Europe.

Stockholm-Bromma Airport – BMA – Regional airport servicing domestic flights.

Stockholm-Västerås Airport – VST – Regional airport servicing domestic flights but also some Ryan Air flights.

Umeå Airport – UME – Domestic airport.

SJ – Sveriges Järnvägen – Sweden’s national rail line. You can search for tickets on their website but buying is tricker. American credit cards are not usually accepted. Sometimes Swedish card are not accepted either. If you cannot buy online, go to the station (in any city) and buy tickets.

Eurorail passes are accepted; keep the card on you when you travel and buy the ticket. If you are student, please have appropriate ID when buying AND traveling, conductors on SJ are not forgiving.

There are three types of trains you can take:
X2000 – The fastest and newest trains, an X2000 train will take 2hr50min-3hr50min (depending on the number of stops) between Stockholm and Gothenburg. These tickets are also the most expensive; buy in advance if possible.

Intercity – These trains stop more often than the X2000 and take longer to travel by. They are cheaper however. The trains are also older, dirtier, and don’t have wifi like the X2000 trains. Overnight trains are intercity models.

Veolia or Other European companies – Veolia is a privately run train company and operates inter-European trains.

Arlanda Express – Express train service, 20 minutes, between Stockholm centralstation and Arlanda airport. Worth it if you are in a rush or under 26 years old, otherwise the tickets are expensive (240kr per person) if there are several of you traveling.

SL – StorStockholms Lokaltrafik – The railway company operating the bus, metro and regional trains (pendaltåg) in the Stockholm area.

Västtrafik – Operates Göteborg’s local and regional train and bus system.

There are several buses that operate nationally.

Swebus – The largest bus line in Sweden as it operates between all major cities. Prices are good if you book ahead.

Bus4You – Free internet, comfortable seats and usually the cheapest option. My favorite choice if I have to travel by bus.

Flygbussarna – The airport coaches. Operates in Arlanda, Västerås, Skavsta, Bromma, Landvetter, Göteborg City Airport, Malmö and the neighboring city centers. Prices range from 89-120:- for a single ticket.

Rental Cars
The major rental car companies are present in Sweden. Hertz, Avis, and EuropeCar can be found at the airports and within the cities.

There are many taxi companies in the big cities but beware of off-fare or private vehicles operating as taxis. This is especially a problem in Gothenburg and a growing problem in the Stockholm suburbs.

Some of the popular companies and phone numbers (03 numbers are for Gothenburg residents, 08 numbers are for Stockholm residents).
Lerums taxi, 0302-146 00
Taxi Göteborg, 031-650 000
Taxi Kurir, 031-27 27 27, 08-30 00 00
Taxigruppen, 031-441 441
Taxi 020, 020-93 93 00, 08-20 20 20
VIP taxi , 031-27 16 11
Flygtaxi, 031-710 30 00
Taxi Stockholm, 08-15 00 00

Official websites – Gothenburg Airport travel information. – Taxi website that lists all taxi companies in Sweden. Pretty accurate but be sure to ask for pricing from the taxi company itself. – Arlanda Airport travel information. – Malmö Airport travel information. – Bromma airport information. – Flygbussarna buses from airports to the cities. – They are too lazy to create an English website so tell you to use Google Translate. – National Rail line

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