51 Reasons to Love Stockholm

DN readers struck back after an article about 51 reasons to hate Stockholm, they came up with 51 reasons to love Stockholm.

I don’t think the DN writer picked the best reasons to love stockholm. Several comments repeated themselves (green, beautiful) and some made no sense (stockholm has its own smell). I picked the best and most pompous reasons to love the capital of Scandinavia.

02 “Södermalm is in Stockholm.”
Why, thank you for the geography lesson.

11 “All the weirdos are collected here. Fantastic! Then it is not strange. ”
Just like San Francisco!

14 “The good fish restaurants.”
I hear the fish restaurants in Göteborg are way better AND cheaper.

19 “After seeing a lot of capitals in the world, I think Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful cities with plenty of greenery, of islands and water. With functioning subway and other communications in and out of the county, with friendly people as long as they do not sit in the car or by bike. ”

20 “Cheapest dancing in Sweden – all season at Gröna Lund will cost 189:- and then you get five dances a week with free courses in salsa and tango.”
That is cool!

33 “That it is full of people. You can go out on a Sunday to a restaurant or pub and you will have to queue.”
And this is a good thing…?
[Swedish lesson of the day – uteställe – nightclub, pub, restaurant; inneställe – popular uteställe. My fail on the original translation.]

39 “The unique blend of rock city, greenery and sparkling waters.”
Summertime in Stockholm is beautiful. It is probably my most favorite place to be on Earth.

45 “Stockholm has its own smell.”
Mmmmmmm…like old cheese.

46 “The best thing about Stockholm is that it is very far from the northern homophobic, racist Skåne and Gothenburg truculent.”

49 “As real locals have patience with anyone who feels at a disadvantage and thus whines.”

50 “Whoever does not love Stockholm is stupid in the head. Here’s everything you need – and then some. ”
No, no, who said I was arrogant? I was just merely pointing out that if you don’t love Stockholm, you’re a fucking moron.

So what’s your reason to love Stockholm?

7 thoughts on “51 Reasons to Love Stockholm”

  1. What’s your favorite place Christopher?

    Kate – I know! People here really hate you guys. Then I guess the “south” in every country is despised. Just have to scream Southern Pride bitches!

  2. I love Stockholm because it has a working metro system. And it’s not stinky like in Göteborg.

  3. That article is so typical of the pretentious wannabe-New-Yorker writers at the Dagens Nyheter (toilet) paper.

    I love your blog by the way!

  4. Lol @AI, if you think DN is bad then you should read Expressen and Aftonbladet. Two fine examples of toilet papers.

  5. Hey skåningar is not racists -.- we just love ourself in a very different way :D

    And 08:or be aware cause i’m coming to town on March 17;)

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