51 Reasons to Hate Stockholm

For once, it wasn’t me. Cue the song. I didn’t have anything to do with the Dagens Nyheter article called ’51 skäl att hata Stockholm’ – 51 things to hate Stockholm.

Now I know I have written about what I hate about Sweden, more things to hate about Sweden, what I love/hate about Stockholm and on one happy occasion, why I love Sweden. The reasons listed in the article were from people mainly outside the city and their perception of the capital.

Gamla Stan (the old town)

And they were funny! Don’t get scared if you’re moving to Sweden, hating on Stockholm is a god-given right just like it is for hating New Yorkers if you live in New England, and hating Paris if you live anywhere in Europe.

I tried to pick the reasons that were not only the funniest, but most likely written by Swedes.

#01 “Stockholm smells of piss and moldy cheese that has been left out for 10 years on the kitchen table.”
True on Friday or Saturday night on the bar streets! But otherwise, I think the city smells quite okay.

#06 “They think they are better than everyone else because they live in the same city as the king.”

#08 “Stockholm is so painfully self-conscious, cold, lousy and disgusting. I hate that I grew up here and that I became like them.”

#15 “Stockholm can name their town in the same breath as New York, Tokyo and Paris, which makes them appear to be entirely true of turn because the truth is closer to Budapest, Minsk, or Vienna.”
I think Stockholm suffers from the little capital disorder. It’s one of the word’s smallest capitals so no one else in the world gives a hoot about the city. But in the Nordic region, Stockholm is the largest city, therefore it is awesome. QED.

#19 “When the zero-eights visit the north, they think they know how to do it, really, they can not drive when just a little snow falls.”

#31 “Stockholmers behave like Americans, everything outside their own city / state is unimportant, all that is needed here. They often feel ignorant, stupid, much like a typical blond girl. ”

#35 “Stockholm is like seagulls. They are only screaming and shitting!”

#43 “Stockholmers always comments/mimics/laugh at other’s dialect.”

#48 “We work in offices and we are the most highly educated population in Sweden.”

The sources ranged from Facebook to the infamous flashblack and even familjeliv.

Okay, non-Stockholmers reading this blog, what is it that drives you crazy about the Capital of Scandinavia?

5 thoughts on “51 Reasons to Hate Stockholm”

  1. I have been here for one month and a half, and in my opinion, the most annoying defect of Stockholmers is “That’s the best capital ever” “You know that we usually compare Östermalm as the Upper East Side”. C’mon, how can somebody compare NYC and Stockholm which is so tiny! I don’t judge Swedes because I only know Stockholmers, and apparently people from other parts of Sweden have the same feeling about Stockholmers. I feel so uncomfortable when I meet people who finally end with” Let’s go to this club in Stureplan!”. I have the impression that “Östermalm” people are really shallow and most of them brats!

  2. Maite – You should definitely not base Sweden on the brats from Östermalm. They do a fabulous job of ruining the image of Stockholm and Sweden for everyone.

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