Lost in Mumbai

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is crazy. Crazy crowded, crazy noise, crazy colors, crazy people, crazy smells, crazy traffic, crazy crazy crazy!

I go crazy. I don’t have the magic or patience to survive the traffic, bureaucracy, and heat. I know, I am a wimp.

But, I do like photos. :) These are photos taken over the years and on this trip of Mumbai, India. A few photos are from friends who took them during our own crazy wedding week and riding on a BEST bus.

The fish market – fresh and tasty

A bridal car
The evening bridal car

Because penguins are for trash
pingu in trash can form

Amazing egg man battles Mumbai traffic
egg home delivery

Deep fried battered bread stuffed with potato, spicy goodness

Dosas … are long

Dhobbi district
dhobbi district in mumbai

Sir, do you have an STD?

Rosabussarna at Cafe Leopold!
pink caravan sweden - lol

Bullet Holes – from the hostage crisis in 2008
kingfisher and bullet holes

praying mantis

Hanging with the Peeps – The photograph taking a break and chilling with our bus drivers
Chris & our Bus Drivers

8 thoughts on “Lost in Mumbai”

  1. Andrew, Chris and everyone: you are most welcome again to Mumbai/India. There is lot more to discover. The temples in the South, wild life in North-East and of course, the ultimate, Himalayas & Mount Everest.

  2. you could make thousands of books with life there..seems really interesting, hope to get there one day.

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