Happy (Illegal) Holiday!

Today is Constitution Day. I have no idea what that means except Constitution Day was passed over 100 years but strengthened in 2005; sometime during the abyss of the Bush years.

Constitution Day is simply a day to celebrate our Constitution because it was signed this day in 1787 (though not ratified until 1788).

The irony of the day is that it is most likely unconstitutional. “By Congressional mandate, all educational institutions receiving federal funds — from preschools to universities, whether public or private — are required to provide relevant educational programming to observe the occasion,” said Kent Greenfield, Op-Ed contributor of the NY Times.

Schools and colleges are as a result forced to teach about the Constitution on this day or risk losing federal funding. And when it comes to millions of dollars in funds to cash strapped schools, few would disagree. And schools are pushing the Constitutional talk even though it is unconstitutional to be forced to teach it.

I’ll save you Miss Liberty!
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For students this can be a great opportunity to learn about the most important document in American history. Read the preamble, discuss the most influential cases by the Supreme Court, keep a pock guide of the Bill of Rights.

This gets weird when the Tea Party gets involved. They are on their gung-ho crayola wagon to push coloring books, and videos, and everything possible that of course supports the Tea Party angle. Why discuss the right to taxation (Sixteenth Amendment) or birthright citizenship (Fourteenth Amendment) when we can scream about states’ rights (Tenth Amendment) against the big bad government?

I love that students will have an opportunity to learn more and understand the philosophy behind our laws. I hate that a radical conservative political party (bat shit crazy sometimes) is using this day to force its own philosophies, conservative at best.

In any event, at least I can express my First Amendment right that the Tea Party is full of idiots and exert my Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to answer questions about calling a certain party idiots.

Happy Constitution Day!

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