Scandinavian Clubs in the US

I put together a list of clubs and organizations in the United States for Scandinavians (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland). Most of the time you have to be a member or member’s guest to attend but there are several open events.

You all should be able to get culturally immersed and maybe find a lovely Swedish man or woman.

YSC in San Francisco Bay Area
Scandinavian Club in Connecticut
Scandinavian Club of Hawaii
Scandinavian Club of Columbus, Ohio
American Scandinavian Society of New York, NY
Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle, WA
Norwegian National Club in Chicago, IL
Danish Clubs and Associations across the United States
Icelandic-American Organizations in America
Swedish Organizations in America

If you know of a Scandinavian/Nordic community in the US that should be added to the list, please let me know.

8 thoughts on “Scandinavian Clubs in the US”

  1. WOW THIS IS GREAT! Thanks so much for the list!
    Also, some universities have Scandinavian associations! ;)

  2. oh but wait, sadness, at least the SF scandinavian club requires some tie scandinavia to be a member (citizenship, knowing the language , having lived there, being a spouse of a member etc) :(

  3. Try adding the Vasa Order of America – chiefly Swedish-American I believe, but also welcomes the other Nordic nationalities. They helped me get here and get involved!

  4. There is a Swedish Club in Houston–they have events, Swedish lessons too! Mostly Swedish-american members I believe but anyone can join…

  5. No one mentioned Sons of Norway!?!? They (like many of the other country-specific clubs) branched out to include anyone of Scandinavian ancestry but also allow members who are interested in preserving and learning about Scandinavian culture – not just Norwegian. There are chapters all over the US as well as Canada and Norway. They should be added to your list for sure! The website is

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