I’m back

I had the fortune of coming back from India and catching a weird 24hr flu that lingered as an icky cold and cough. To make matters worse, I’ve been spending my days at work freezing like it was the Ice Age or sweating like a palm tree.

But I’m back to life. I know a lot of you have been wondering how I am doing and hope I continue to blog to share my thoughts and feelings. Truth is, I was never going to leave. Mom would have called me a wuss if I quit. I had a story to write last week about a mouse on a SAS flight but was really ready to beat the laptop out of sheer head-cold. And besides who else are you going to read about bashing Sweden? Just kidding Swedies!

Seriously though, this blog won’t be the same in some ways from now on. Dealing with death will be more of a central issue. And learning to be happy again. You can’t be whole, but you can put your life back together.

And in time, it will happen. For now, I rather rant about Stockholm drivers.

4 thoughts on “I’m back”

  1. If you are feeling low you are more likely to come down with something.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. It has nothing bad in writing about death and more emotional-deep thinking. Your blog will be always amusing and fasinating cuz it is written by you, even though not every thing in it will be “funny”. Those sad things are part of our life and we’ll never be the same after they are taking our dearest from us.

  3. I just came back from Malmo and Helsingborg. Oh , the Swedes are some special people!~ Don’t leave blogging!

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