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  1. Dear Saphire,
    I lost my very close friend this year. My way now is to do things we liked to do together, visit places we both enjoyed, remember her kind words when having hard times. And be positive about that – to feel being together just she is invisible now. Wish it could help you somehow…The rest you know – we are with you.

  2. I was there the last few months of my father’s life. When he passed away it almost felt like a natural thing. It was a much harder blow for my siblings who couldn’t be there.

    Take comfort in that she probably was pleased that your life is turning out well and that even if you weren’t there the last while, she probably had other people who cared for her.

  3. I’m so so sorry for your loss. To loose a loving mother is heart breaking experience that leave you with a hole in your chest. I know how you could feel and feel for you, you will be in my toughts and I wish I can send you some strength by thoughts. Your mum was such a fantastic woman and I’m so happy to have meet her and listened to her cooking wisdom.

  4. Though we gotta say goodbye for the Life

    Baby, I promise you this
    I’ll send you all my love
    Every day in a letter
    Sealed with kisses

    Yes, it’s gonna be a cold lonely summer
    But I’ll fill the emptiness
    I’ll send you all my dreams
    Every day in a letter
    Sealed with kisses

    I’ll see you in the sunlight
    I’ll hear your voice everywhere
    I’ll run to tenderly hold you
    But baby, you won’t be there

    I don’t wanna say goodbye for the Life
    Knowing the love we’ll miss
    So let us make a pledge
    To meet in the heaven
    And seal it with kisses

    Yes, it’s gonna be a cold lonely Life
    But I’ll fill the emptiness
    I’ll send you all my love
    Every day in a letter
    Sealed with kisses

  5. I know mere words won’t take the pain away since it is still so fresh. But I know your beautiful mum’s light will shine on in your hearts. kärlek kärlek kärlek..

  6. Ohhh…i am so sorry:(..she was so beautiful ..my heart is with you, i can’t imagine more pain than this, RIP.

  7. Thank you all for the kind and loving words.

    It is so hard to understand that someone is really gone. It feels like she’s on an island vacation. No cellphone service for a while…but that is a long while…

  8. Hey Daughter # 3….. How is it going. I hear not well but let me tell you that I’ve been through losing a mom and a wife. It is not easy but remember the good time and growing up and all your friends and rely on family, friends and you husband to get through this. If you need someplace to go to you and peter are welcome here anytime. I know this is a great lost and I’ll tell you this, When I heard about your mom I was devastated and I usually do not get that way. But I remember the good times and the fun I had in India with you all and it helps… If I can be of any help call…

  9. PS: I also lost my brother and best friend this year so I know how hard it is.. Love ya

  10. Dearest P,
    It was shocking to all of us to hear about your mom. I still can’t believe. But Preeti, you must write through your daily blog. If you had stopped it for any other reason I do not think your mom would have liked it. So for her sake, you must continue. Also think about your dad! He must have dreamed about his retired life with her. But it has ended abruptly with no explanation. Now he is both mother and father and grandfather , grandmother for your children in the future. God has given you intelligent brain and you mom is with Him/Her. So for her sake write. The pain will not go away but do not kill the poetry, the gentleness, the kindness and that spirit in you. Mom would not like it.
    Mohini aunty from Florida.

  11. Hey,
    life takes turns n twists, ups n downs, sometimes peaks but lows n highs r a part of life. Yes, when you lose a loved one, you do miss your near n dear one always for life time bcos in d hear of your heart you always carry happy moments of your relationship. And dat is wat you must cherish, d good times of life. D good moments you spent together in life with your loved ones. But d life must go on. Yes I know it is hard to comprehend situations in life at times but, that’s life. I know you are bold n can see life in proper perspective and can face it with reasoning n logic. That’s all after all we humans can do. And time becomes a healer for our personal loses. You must get going with life with all its challenges. Your dad feels concerned n sometimes worried abt you but after all he is your dad. Let him know, you can n will get back to normal life. Also, tell him to take care of himself. Tode, you are his focus n so let him feel, you are in control of life n with d time passing will settle soon.

    I suggest, nothing like getting back to writing on your blogs. I find it most relaxing n connecting people from all walks of life. I take immense pleasure in doing creative writings on my blogs n dat interaction with ppl makes you feel emotionally happy. I am at my best when I feel down n out and with d passionate writing of articles on number of issues I feel concerned about., I feel great. So, get back to your usual self and make your writing passion your feel good factor to get back to normal life. You will do fine.

    Take care of yourself n let all see you in your vibrant moods.
    with love.

  12. Her Journey’s Just Begun

    By Ellen Brenneman

    Don’t think of her as gone away–

    Her journey’s just begun

    Life holds so many facets

    This earth is only one.

    Just think of her as resting

    From the sorrows and the tears

    In a place of warmth and comfort

    Where there are no days and years.

    Think how she must be wishing

    That we could know today

    How nothing but our sadness

    Can really pass away.

    And think of her as living

    In the hearts of those she touched…

    For nothing loved is ever lost–

    And she was loved so much.

    May her soul rest in peace!

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  14. OK P some clearification as far as the daughter 1. Becky, 2. Geri Lyn who lived with us for several years as she was growing up, 3. You, and 4. Shannon who also lived with us for a
    while. Wife , not Terry this would be Karla my first wife before I meet Terry. Terry is doing well and still trying to straighten me out. Full time job. Keep posting. Lee

  15. I have spent many happy years of my life being your mum’s best friend when I was in India. When you are next in London, come and see us and I will recount all the happy memories I have of our times together.

    I have been shocked and saddened by your loss and therefore have only now found the courage to write to you. Lots of love.

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