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I’ve been surfing funny things the past week in an effort to cheer myself up and give a respite from reality. Thank you all who have written lovely comments on my previous post. I’ll share more later this week.

But, in the spirit of this blog, let’s discuss something funny. I came across this status message from a friend:

Obama-care has to have birth control….ARG!!!!! Why dont you just go ahead and trample all over our civil liberties while ur at it?!?!?!!

Followed by a comment:

What do you mean by ‘has to have birth control’?

And the OP posted back:

obama has stated that his health care plan has to have birth control included and a requirement for its recipients….can you say socialist??

First, I have no idea what this person is even trying to say. What does civil liberties have to do with birth control? How does birth control trample our rights? Perhaps condoms smack stupid boys who don’t want to use them.

Taking away that these comments are incomprehensible, the rhetoric is inflammatory. The poster used the S word. You know, SOCIALIST. And in America, the S word is a bad bad thing. Conservatives probably equate the S word to the N word used to describe African Americans. The only difference is one word is used to describe a political and social system that exists in some capacity in all nations and the other word is used to insult and condescend upon a race of people.

Fox News and socialism

I find it unfortunate that people, mainly neo-conservatives, using any political term to describe different political ideologies. “Hitler was socialist. Mussolini was nazi. America will be Socialist. Italy is communist.” Not only is this thinking ignorant but also dangerous.

The average Joe in America believes socialism will destroy the country. What they fail to realize is that many system in America are run in a socialist manner. Police, fire, schools, post offices and the military are run by the public (the government as the body which operates them). Perhaps we should eliminate or privatize these programs.

Now we have millions of people who think by having birth control in health care programs the government is controlling us! And now we’re becoming socialists! The horror that America turns into Sweden.

This is why American politics is a disaster today. Pundits or “experts” say outrageous, if not false, statements and people blindly accept it as gospel.

Not about politics but Fox News’ amazing ability to produce garbage.

“These stats are irrefutable… The institution of marriage in Sweden has collapsed.” – Ohh Bill O’Reilly, you are a douchebag.

12 thoughts on “The S******** Word”

  1. Yes it tramples all over the liberty to not being able to remove unwanted things growing in your body. :)

    Also, I don’t understand why anyone agrees to do an interview with O’Reilly. He hardly let them finish one sentence.

  2. @Andrew – hahaha.

    @Mazui – Yea, didn’t you know that civil liberties doesn’t cover your body? (sarcastic) Lol.

    Ditto about O’reilly. The man is crazy. Stay away from crazy.

  3. I don’t think he’s crazy. Arrogant and devious, but fully in control of his senses. All the more reason to stay away.

    I never use public restrooms unless I really have to. They’re usually disgusting, and it’s not that hard to go before you leave home. I don’t mind paying 20 or 30 crowns if they are clean and cozy, as one I found in Stockholm. No need for cash, they took cards. There was staff that refilled paper towels and cleaned up if there was an “accident”. I don’t know if there was extra charge for that. :)

  4. The scary part is, there are believers and followers of Bill O’Riley. Otherwise who would watch his show, partake in his “debates”/”discussions” and why would he be still on the air? Look at the whole “Tea Party” movement…

  5. I believe O’reilly to be crazy. Been watching him for over 8 years and through his scandals and there is something wrong in his head. He certainly has anger issues and uses that to his advantage but has lost control over the years.

    Glen Beck is smart. He knows how to get to the “people’s” heart and uses fear tactics and working-class rhetoric to motivate.

    Haven’t found a single restroom that charges over 5kr or 10kr and they only take coins. I know the one in centralstation is different (plus couple others). But I’ve yet to be in a pay toilet that is worth the price. Ickkk. There was a blogger who blogged about toilets in Sweden. He reviewed them; it was hilarious.

  6. Bahahaha! That was awesome. “Come to Somalia. No functioning government since 1991!”

  7. The socialist word is definitely a bad word to say in the US, although most people are not as extreme as Bill O’Reilly. He is hilarious, I love that he can make up facts and studies as he goes, but when someone is actually citing a real study at his show he is like “weeeell I don’t buy it”. It’s like, what is not to buy? It’s a real study Bill, you have to buy it, cus it’s real! (Although I once met this super tea party right wing baptist guy from Virginia, and he thought that soccer was a communist sport since it was played in Europe, and we were all gonna burn in hell for it. He was fun to argue with. Let’s just say that he didn’t buy anything I said. Oh, and he loved O’Reilly!)

    I totally agree with you when it comes to public restrooms, WHY do you have to be sneaky at the cafes all the time “looking for friends”? I’m from Sweden and usually defend Sweden but when it comes to this, I don’t buy it! And even when you pay money, you can never be sure that the toilet is actually working, what a joke! Maybeee we should have a new government agency with a new set of regulation to enforce a free bathroom law and the building of new ones? Well spent tax money!

  8. Hej!

    I’m new here but I just had to comment on O’Reilly… Erik – Living in Maryland, I can confirm there are many like that baptist in the DC/MD/VA area. There’s no reasoning with their kind, but hearing them rant is quite entertaining ;)

    Be glad you don’t have Billl as regularly scheduled programming in Sweden. He is right on some things but the way he presents (or more appropriately, yells) his opinion and views is extremely arrogant and rude. In fact, the way Fox News structures their segments is horrible. No one can get their point across on either side because someone is talking over someone else. I don’t understand how my father watches it.

    By the way, do you really have to pay for public toilets in Sweden? Maybe it would be worth it if they were kept clean and sanitary, but still, I find that just crazy.

  9. Paying for public toilets are most common in the cities, less common out in the country (yes they do appear now and then).

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