Funny Stuff in Sweden and the World

Today, we need love and some funnies. It’s been a long week with the shootings in Norway.

There’s the Midsommarfitta (Midsommarcunt) group that believes instead of the Midsommar maypole, we should dance around a vagina. The maypole is too paternalistic and sexist in nature, therefore we need something more feminine. I didn’t even know what a maypole is, just a giant cross with flowers.

A man in Austria will be allowed to wear a colander on his head in his driver’s license photo. He is Pastafarian, those that worship the Spaghetti Monster. That just really made me giggle. hehehehe.

I love bunnies because they are just so darn adorable! This little guy is looking for a home.

This is Shelley. She’s an adoptable with the House Rabbit Network in Somerville, MA. You can read more about her on her Petfinder page here.
Please adopt instead of buy.

A 76-year old woman married an 84-year old woman in the first same sex marriage in New York state. Isn’t love wonderful? After all these years, they get to be married!

The Big Yellow Rabbit is in Örebro! Love him or hate him (which I am obviously a lover), he will be around for sometime?
gul kanin örebro

If you have not read Scandinavia and the World, then you better. I love Humon’s witty style and ability to pull out cultural, political nuances of our society.

4 thoughts on “Funny Stuff in Sweden and the World”

  1. The maypole is a phallic symbol from the heathen times, and the celebration was meant to make land fertile again.
    And about the midsummercunt, thats just rubbish feminists with very little grasp about the traditions has come up with, I would say. Knowing them, they think because there is a erect penis there should also be a vagina. What they don’t realize is that the land is, in a way, the female embodiment; the vagina.

  2. As Erik mentions, the Maypole is originally a phallic symbol, and was in the beginning just a single, decorated pole. Modern folk myths has it that after the christianization of Sweden, the Church objected against such an obviously pagan tradition, and had another pole laid across the larger one, essentially making a cross. Whereas the people decided to hang those rings on the smaller bar, thereby making it a phallic symbol once again.

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