Domestic Terrorist Attack Kills 92 in Oslo, Norway

Update, July 24, 10AM: The shooter, Anders Behring Breiviks, also produced a book on how plan a successful terrorist. This information was first released by It is available on Piratebay and several other sites. Aftonbladet and DN have short Swedish translations here and here.

Please beware the book is disturbing and promotes terrorism, violence, and chemical warfare.

He also posted a video on Youtube about the European Declaration of Independence from the Knights Templar. The video is gone now but possibly available at other sources.

Update: Earlier in the afternoon, a shooter opened fire on young teenagers on the small island of Utöya, west of Oslo. He has killed several teens and many jumped off the island and swam away. The shooter is now arrested though his name and motives are not released.

Two bombs went off in the government quarter in Oslo, Norway. Two people are confirmed dead and 15 injured.

No terrorist groups have claimed responsibility but the attacks appear to be directed towards the Norwegian government.

Last week, three bombs exploded during rush hour in Mumbai, India. No grouped claimed responsibility. However, security officials believe it was the work of Pakistani terrorist group.

You can read more in Swedish at DN, DN photos and Svenska Dagbladet. In English, you can visit Reuters and The New York Times.

4 thoughts on “Domestic Terrorist Attack Kills 92 in Oslo, Norway”

  1. Too bad about the victims. At the same time I feel a bit sorry for people who are so unhappy and upset that they see things like this as the only solution.

    And it’s a good thing this apparently isn’t an islamist attack.

    I’m also glad that the norwegian government is determined that things shall return to normal. Having a fearful society with security checkpoints everywhere would be to give in to the terrorists.

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