A Collection of Swedish Girls

Since I’ve received number complaints from Swedish girls that not all Swedish girls are blond or beautiful, I thought I would photos of the beautiful, ugly, brunette, and orange.

Sorry guys for bursting your happy bubbles. But at least Humon who created Scandinavia and the World has an awesome sense of humor.
Read her comics because they are to die for funny.
(Image is copyright of SATW)

Okay…they are blonde Swedes…

and they are too…

but brunettes do exist!

Oooooo, kissing Swedish girls!
kissing swedish girls
… sure is a lot of kissing.

too much boobage and eyelashes?

This photo is tragic. Why must women look like this? Duckface, fake boobs, bleached blond hair, and botox.

Phew, good ole classic Swedish girls

…orange is not a skintone

The unfortunate part was after looking through a few hundred club photos of girls on Stureplan and Finest.se, less than ten photos had girls of non-Swedish ethnicity (read, colored girls). I can see why immigrants feel unwelcome in Sweden.

Ladies, do not despair, a collection of Swedish men is coming up shortly!
swedish men in underwear

18 thoughts on “A Collection of Swedish Girls”

  1. Those photos would be a very typical crowd in the Stureplan area on a Friday or Saturday night… actually, on second through, any night that ends in a ‘y’.

  2. Well I don’t think that Stureplan on a friday night is really representative of the Swedish population. If you go to like Rodeo Drive or Bel Air in the US you wont really find the avarage American living/shopping there either so. As a Stockholmer I never really go to Stureplan, maybe Riche or Berns, otherwise it’s a big nono. I think pictures like this is what portaits the Swedish girls as, uhm, whores as the comic put it. Which I totally understand, I mean, it looks like the Playboy mansion. And it kinda is like the Playboy mansion. Ew. But those are not the avarage Swedes and saying so is just silly :)

  3. @Erik – PoW is a very accurate pictorial depiction of the current state of the USA. And this comes from a Canadian.

  4. ROFL I love the fins in that comic! Allthough in reality I dont think anyone could really tell the difference by the looks of any girl wether she is from Sweden/denmark/norway/finland. One thing that I really like with being scandinavian though is that we can have a match in some sort of sports between countries and you can sit at the same table as the opposing nationality and just drink your brains out and have one hell of a time without a fight=).

    I agree with Erik, that is not pics of typical swedish people, I would actually take offense if anyone would compare me to the people at Stureplan. A large part of the people there wear expensive clothes to make it look like they got more money than they have. And the people who have money doest really have money themselves but it comes from their parents. And then there is the blog stars which is just ridicolous in my opinion, I mean getting rich from writing nonsense on a web site? ( no disrespect, I actually dont think what you write is nonsense as I get your sense of humour ). Now getting rich on honest gambling that is something that I respect!.

    Well long time no see, I gotta go now though since I just restocked on beer and snus and I gotta study for the horse race tomorrow woohoo! Cya in the future!.

  5. I’d agree in general, PoW is descriptive of middle America. Most Americans wear at least jeans and and a top but probably in the wrong size and in mismatched colors.

    Here’s Hairy Swede’s take on blond and blue eyes – http://welcometosweden.blogspot.com/2011/07/blonde-hair-blue-eyes-and-swedish.html

    And Björn, I wish I was a blog millionaire! I make enough for one beer a month. Tjoohooo!

    I don’t agree with the “fakeness” of Stureplan trust fund babies but Söder has its equal share of snobbery to be the other cool. But stereotypes do come from somewhere. Would you call Indians blue eyes or red hair? No. Ethnic Indians are curvy, black eyes, black hair.

    I find it amusing that Swedes get really upset when we positively stereotype, even though it’s based originally on ethnic features. I won’t defend the average overweight/obese American, but Swedes should take a compliment and shut up.

  6. “Your country, in general, is full of hot, sexy people who work hard, and play harder, and take the time to make sure they always look good, regardless of the situation.” Sounds like a good complement to me.

  7. I have no idea who you just quoted, but no, it is not neccessarily a compliment to be connected with the superficial people with horrible taste on the photos above.

  8. I didn’t quote anyone, I made it up.

    Though, if you prefer this “Swedes are insecure people who have to overcompensate by being superficial with horrible taste.” Then that works too!

    Personally, I think Swede’s are beautiful people who got the good end of the gene pool, vs some countries.

  9. “The weeks/weekends finest” Galleries on “the Local” news site always has these kinda pic’s. They also have a lot of pic’s of non-Swedish people out on the town too.

  10. I hate to burst your little bubble here but These girls look EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY like the trashy type girls we’ve got in America, but you know, keep on with your delusions. All Americans don’t look like the “people of walmart” Well maybe a few but… I know TONS who look much better than these girls do and I know just as many who look like they could be these girls twins. I’m American and my dad’s family comes from Sweden ( I have those Swedish cat-looking light blue eyes like my dad’s to prove it ). And my mothers family comes from France so…. I think you’re forgeting that America is a melding of ethnicities. We come from any and everywhere. It’s pointless to try and diss us as a whole race, it’s a little more complicated than that. BTW, we came over here so we can dress the way we want, haha. If I want to wear a giraffe costume to Walmart then I will do it!     

  11. I love Sweden and I’m proud of my roots. But I’ve been to Sweden quite a few times and I would say there may be more brunettes than blondes. More than half of Sweden has more of a brownish/dark blonde color to their hair. They simply dye it. Many don’t like admitting they bleach their hair, but they bleach their hair in order to live up to the stereotypes that foreigners have placed on them. So there’s this trend in Sweden that’s quite pathetic called “fjortis” Basically its when Swedish teens and young adults try to look as fake, trashy and stupid as possible. Fake orange tans, fake bleached hair. It’s tragic really. Look at the poor orange fjortis victims eyebrows, they’re a medium brown, but her hair is bleached blonde. Just sayin……… Even if they had white blonde hair, like me when I was young, it gets a bit darker as they get older. Mine and my Swedish relatives got a bit darker. I know one thing for sure, we Swedes usually don’t look like Miss Playboy here without a little bleach job. I personally would never bleach my hair, but I sometimes get golden highlights for summer.


  12. @Keira – If one has to “live up to the stereotypes that foreigners have placed on them” to have bleached blonde hair, that is a tragedy. Perhaps more women should be taught to have a good self-esteem than bleach, botox, boobify, and paint themselves orange.

    Not that you do or would, but it is a mark of a serious problem in society if women cannot be proud of their own looks without requiring chemical enhancers. And even sadder that I still believe Swedish women are incredibly beautiful when they are not caked out in shit.

    @lh – Duly noted! If you find any photos, do send them my way!

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