Weird Comments I Receive

I get a fair amount of comments everyday. Most of them are approved. Some of them though are bizarre. Or weird really. I wrote about stupid emails I received a while ago, and well, the stupidness is not letting up. It’s a contagious disease really.

Most of the time I am asked to matchmake and help some lonely chap in some wartorn country find a Swedish girl to marry so he may move here and leech off the system. Or I should find some guy a blond, beautiful Swedish girl despite his LOLspeak and lack of any chivalry whatsoever.

And sometimes, people are just weird or mean.

Most of everything that is mentioned is a lie. Obviously the writer is an uneducated idiot for not planning ahead. Maybe he should take a trip to Djibouti, Africa and tell us how he likes that. I lived in Sweden for 10 years and have met the greatest people on earth.

– David Edbom
According to David, bad people come from Africa, especially Djibouti. He must really hate black people. Extra points for being too stupid to identify my gender.


This post is crap I have studyed in Sweden and it’s very hard to find any swedish woman they prefer only swedish guys..they don’t even like to talk to foreigners.

– Svenska
Okay, not the worst comment in the world, but certainly not stating anything new that another commentor hasn’t already pointed out.

please ,please i want a swedish girl, contact me now.

– charl
please, please please, learn engrish. it be good 4 u.

Swedish girls are boring, snobbish and think to the be the only on the whole earth to have… (you imagine what). They do not touch a pan, never clean the house and want to rule men. Moreover, they do not give a shit about their boyfriedn and go to be with everybody is from abroad or when they are drunk. Finally, they make kids just in order to get married and take possession of the house (bought by the men).
Swedish (and nordic) men are fed up about them. That’s why they do not react anymore. Otherwise, when there is a no Swedish woman around they change attitude totally.

– Alex
Again, not the worst comment but the antagonizing nature didn’t really add value. Plus other commentors pointed out how some Swedish girl leech off the men.


You are most welcome to sweden, unlike the owner of this blogg you seem to be a well brought up and polite person. I agree with everything you wrote.

Kind regards


– Lars W
I know! Those people are really horrible for actually writing their opinion and you being gullible enough to spend time to write comments to people you don’t know.


I like swedish girls, I wants to marry here (a Beutiful and charming One) and have a fun. I am Indian guy frequently visit swenden. Call me +91 9540172807.

– Mahendra Singh
You may visit Sweden, but run your comments through a spell check. Did you really give your phone number??? That’s just stupid.

Dear Sir or Madam :
I have been trying to meet a swedish lady for a date ( as i hae been advice by some of my friend that are hapy with they swedish brides and girlfriend ) but i couldn’t find a swedish dating agency to be registered.
I would be very grateful if you could help me about that.
Thank You
Your Faithfully
Shahin Askari

– Shahin
Dear Sir and/or Madam.
You are a moron to think I am a dating website/coach/whatever. Please use this amazing service called Google to find dating companies in Sweden.

Also, Swedish brides are a coveted commodity as your friends could verify. The cost to own or rent one is prohibitively high and requires a one million dollar deposit. Please contact my Nigerian friends to complete the transaction. :


…you lack any and all argumentative tactics, effective rhetorics, empathy for your fellow human beings no matter their nationality, open-mindedness and an understanding of any culture other than your own…this post does leave me curious about your own psychological state…

While O’Green wrote a couple great comments, I take issue with the above quote. It is rather fascinating that while it’s okay to insult me and question my ability to a functioning person, it’s really not okay to criticize or make general assumptions. And if you have problems with me making generalizations then perhaps don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know in real life.


You are clearly a fat, dumb narrow minded and judgemental person. Get the fck out of my country. We dont want you here. BYE!

– Essace
Essace happened to be routed via a Belgium IP address. I’m not sure then which country I’m supposed to get out of. Belgium, Sweden, or the interwebs?


Yeah, I don’t drink since I know it’s bad for you.

Facepalm. I have no idea what this person is trying to say.

16 thoughts on “Weird Comments I Receive”

  1. Haha. Trolls give some of the best laughter and entertainment possible.

    A “best of” section is definitely needed where we can vote for the top/best trollers.

    On a side note, if you know any single Swedish women who can cook, clean, are supermodels, make 50k+ a month, and can serve me a cold beer when I get home from a hard day as a lumberjack or in the iron mines, please let me know. :p

    The above sentence is sarcasm!

  2. Are you serious? You’re running Google Ads on your blog with adverts like ‘Vill du vara otrogen? – Do you want to cheat on your wife/girlfriend?’, ‘Meet sexy Ukraine women’, ‘Date sexy Russian women’, ‘Snygga Baltiska tjejer – Sweet Baltisk girls’, ‘Swedish Dating’, ‘Free Dating’ and the like. If you can live with that – it’s the ‘face’ of your blog – and want to make a few kronor in the process, you can expect such mails and comment/reactions. Especially from unserious guys who don’t master the English language properly ;-) ;-) ;-)

    And yes, apart from the above, blogging means that you will get weird comments and the like from time to time. My own experiences are much the same. And there is something positive about that: you can write and post about it! Keep on writing.

  3. And there was me reading your blog regularly because I thought how intelligent and sensible you were! I’m worried now.

    I run a gardening forum, and we have to be so careful who we let in. People who seemed sane for months would suddenly acquire a bee in their bonnet. They can cause havoc. I know how upsetting it can be – even when you know they are the loony ones, it can make you doubt your own sanity for a while.

  4. Ben, you’ll have to take that with Google. I have blocked some ads but evidently Google’s “do no evil” policy does not cover Baltic girls or cheating.

    And it’s not the “Face” of my blog (whatever “face” means). I do not condone or endorse advertisements chosen by Google and other ad networks. I also don’t understand how having Google advertisements equates to people writing me stupid comments.

    But yes, there is never a shortage of stupid comments…

    Hahaha, janerowena. That is a mess. I get tired of people who make the same comments that a dozen other people already said. RTFC!

  5. hahahhaha i love this! made me laugh so much!
    here’s my contribution:

    “please, please, please, i want a swedish boy, contact me now!” hahahaha

  6. You know what, I agree with you: that part of my comment was uncalled for. I take it back and I offer my sincere apologies!

  7. While it does necessarily negate my own rudeness, however, I still maintain that it’s offensive to question whether a given country’s populace are “mentally okay in the head” or assert that all they ever do is bitch and whine, or whatever other insults you’ve spewed over the course of writing your blog – they’re too numerous to count. I’d claim that you, too, have accused people of being unable to function normally in quite an astounding varieties of ways. Why dish it out if you can’t take it?

    I remain apologetic, because obviously I did lash out and it was unnecessarily rudely phrased. It was uncalled for, definitely. Having skimmed through some of your writings again, though, I also can’t help but think you are a bit on the rude side yourself – and I wonder if you see that, at all?

  8. Your spelling isn’t top notch either hun :)

    “Some post offices are so anal that unless you have a Swedish ID card (or EU), you cannot pick up a package.”

  9. Youma – I must be totally stupid but I don’t see the spelling mistake in that.

    O’Green – Apology accepted.

    Thanks Rudolph!

  10. Ohh, nope two different words with very different meanings. Definitely meant anal. :)

    anal : of, relating to, characterized by, or being personality traits (as parsimony, meticulousness, and ill humor) considered typical of fixation at the anal stage of development

    banal : So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

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