English Books & Movies for Sale

I have a bunch of English books for sale. I have collected them over the years here in Sweden and brought them with me from the States. I just want to clean up our overflowing bookshelf and make way for new crap.

I can mail the books to you but you will have to pay shipping. Worth it if you’re in pumpkinland
Sweden with no good bookstores.

Plus, I have a few DVDs for sale too, scroll to bottom.

All books are 50kr or 3 for 100kr.
…by the way seriously cheap for books in English. :)

English Books
Candace Bushnell – One Fifth Avenue (same author as Sex and the City, great summer reading)
Douglas Adams – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Waris Dirie – Desert Children
Philip Pullman – The Golden Compass
Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife
Jhumpa Lahiti – Unaccustomed Earth
Anita Kaik – The Lazy Girls Party Guide
KC Cole – mind over matter
Euripides I – Four Tragedies
F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby
Philip K Dick – Do Androids Dream of electric Sheep? (the bok Blade Runner is baded on)
Saga of the Volsungs
99 Classic TV-Series for People in a Hurry
Michael Moore – Stupid White Men
William Shakespeare – The Comedy of Errors
Carl Sagan – Cosmos
Åsne Seierstad – A Hundred and One Days (a journalist’s story of the war in Iraq)
Frederick Forsyth – The Cobra
Khaled Hosseini – The Kite Runner
30 minute Vegetarian Meals
The Swedish Cookbook

Swedish Books
Steig Larsson – Män son hatar kvinnor
Jens Lapidus – Snabba Cash
Håkan Nesser- En Helt Annat Historia
Håkan Nesser- Berättelse om Herr Roos
99 Filmer du Slipper Se

Different Priced Books
Nya Mål 3 – Swedish book for SFI, Folkuniversitet, or Medborgaskolan – 150kr
Mario Varas Llosa – Det Gröna Huset (the Noble Prize winner) – 150kr
Harry Potter Series, Books 1-7 – 600kr

Movies for Sale
Sideways – 50kr – great movie about the last hurrah before a wedding set in Southern California wine country
Arrested Development – 450kr for three seasons – The series will be restarting AND with a movie. Get caught up with all three seasons
The Simpsons – Season 8 – 150kr
Titanic – 20kr – Just get it away from me!
Six Feet Under – Season 5 – 150kr – The last season to a drama set in a funeral home. If you love Dexter himself, well, he’s one of the stars in this show to.
The Bourne Identity – 20kr
Sex and the City – 30kr – Perfect for a chick flic night.
Thank You For Smoking – 30kr – Great movie about a tobacco lobbyist. “I do it for the mortgage.” Don’t we all…

If you would like any of the books or movies, contact me and we can meet in Stockholm somewhere or I can mail them to you.

5 thoughts on “English Books & Movies for Sale”

  1. Hi,
    I`m interested in the following if their still available:
    F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby
    William Shakespeare – The Comedy of Errors
    The Swedish Cookbook
    I`m in Stockholm, please email me.

  2. I am not sure if you can help me. I found your site, and I am from British Columbia, Canada. I am trying to get the Harry Potter series ( or as many of the books as possible) that were published in Sweden. The book art is amazing and I think it would make a great Christmas gift for my daughter. Do you perchance have any of the Swedish Harry Potter books or even just thier dust covers? Or, is there second hand book stores there where you could perhaps get them and then we can arrange something to get them to me?
    Or maybe even email contacts to the book stores and I can contact them directly.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks very much!

    Brenda Savoie

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