LiS Contest – Win a LUXE Stockholm Travel Guide!

I am starting to get the hang of contests and giveaways here. Up now are five cute, small, travel guides from Luxe about Stockholm. They’re great because they are light, laminated, and easy to tuck in your purse or bag.

And they’re no Lonely Planet. Spunky and caustic, the Luxe Stockholm guide will make you laugh. “Stockholm is expensive. Get over it or go home.” Love them!

The guidebook opens like a leaflet. It’s short and sweet but includes a walking tour and shopping tips.
How do you win ones of these fabulous books from me?
1. Write a blog post/tumblr with three reasons on why you love Stockholm. If you have not been to Stockholm yet, write three reasons on why you want to visit there. Plus link to this blog post. Duh!

2. Link to this blog post. Duh!

3. Post your link in the comments below and you’re entered!

4. You can be anywhere in the world that accepts mail. :)

You have until July 15th to write a I <3 Stockholm post and comment to let me know. Winners will be chosen at random but since I have five guides, there is good opportunity to win! PS - Not to be confused with the restaurant Lux Stockholm. Just saying.

10 thoughts on “LiS Contest – Win a LUXE Stockholm Travel Guide!”

  1. Hi there, I don’t have a blog so that I can link to yours, which, I understand, is really the point of this little exercise. I am, however, dating a Swede and possibly moving to Stockhom in October because of that. And I stumbled upon your blog while looking for information about Stockholm. To which, by the way, I have not been to yet (we live in Switzerland). But I hear it’s awesome. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Just for that I deserve the guide. Oh, and, I might also get a blog and if I do you’ll be the first link. :) Best, Nurit.

  2. Hi Nurit, thanks for compliment. =)

    Perhaps you have a Twitter or some social media accounts that you can share LiS with?

    What are your three reasons to come to Sweden? (Besides the Swede….oooo tricky!)

  3. I have facebook….. 3 top reasons, that’s a tough one: 1. Because I’m excited about learning to pronounce the number “7” in Swedish, 2. Because I’m excited about living in a nation where all the guys wear “Bjorn Borg” underwear (at least that’s how I imagine it). 3. Because light in winter is so overrated.

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