Swedish Cuisine & Food from A to Ö

Here are a few fun facts from A to Ö when it comes to Swedish food and cuisine. There’s also the famous Swedish brands and companies and Swedish names.

Smaklust - Cheese platter

I’ve included popular pastries and desserts, dishes (like Janson’s temption), food items, drinks, and typical dishes served at Swedish holiday (Christmas, Easter)

I am missing foods for some of the letters below, please let me know and I will add them.

A – arraksboll, Ahlgrens bilar
B – blåbärssoppa, blodkorv, budapestbakelse
C – chokladboll, Champis
D – dill (have it have it on färsk potatis!)
E – enbärslax
F – fiskbullar, färsk potatis (at midsummer), Flygande Jacob, falukorv, filmjölk, fil
G – gravad lax, gröt, glögg
H – hjortron (cloudberry), herregård
I – isterband, ischoklad
J – Janssons frestelse, Julskinka, julsenap
K – köttbullar, kanelbullar, kåldolmar, knäckebröd, kladdkaka, knäck, kräftskiva, kallas kaviar
L – lax, lingon sylt (lingonberry jam), lutfisk
M – marmelad
N – nypponsoppa
O – ostkaka
P – princesstårta, pytt i panna, pannkakor, palt, prinskorv, punschrulle, pepparkakor, plättar, prästost
Q – quark (kesella)
R – raggmunk, renkorv, rabarbarpaj
S – sill, semlor, saffronbullar, surströmming, smörgåstårta, spettekaka, smultron, skum
T – Trocadero
U – ukama (a variety of Swedish potatoes found in the winter time)
V – våfflor
W –
X –
Y –
Z –
Å – Åkerö (a type of Swedish apple)
Ä – ärtsoppa
Ö – öl… just kidding!

15 thoughts on “Swedish Cuisine & Food from A to Ö”

  1. Chrissy, waffles mean våfflor in swedish. (-:

    Andrew, I would agree. Also that snus is a sub food group.

  2. Few others come to mind:

    Glass – That’s always huge in Sweden. I hear the ice-cream man all the time.
    Godies – I know they are candy, but Swedes LOVE there sweets.
    Julmust – Mmmm Christmas pop.

  3. haha, hard to understand if u dont speak the languege – maybe some rough translation or explanation would be available in () ? :DDD

  4. yeah, i feel so daft to be the only person in the whole world not to understand swedish!

  5. Some minor corrections and additions:

    Ahlgrens bilar should be filed under A.

    Nypon is spelled with ‘y’, not ‘i’.

    Herregård? Herrgård is mansion. Maybe you mean Herrgårdscider?

    E: enbärslax
    Q: quorn (not originally from here, but we do eat it)
    T: toscaäpplen
    W: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallenbergare
    Y: yoghurtglass
    Ö: Örtomelett

    ÅÄÖ, not ÄÅÖ

  6. Chrissy – 6.4 billion don’t understand or care about Swedish. You are not the only one. =)

    Mazui – Thanks. Though I looked up quorn and it’s a fake meat product made from a fungus. Perhaps you mean quark (kesella)?

  7. I meant quorn. It’s honestly the only edible thing on Q I can think of.

    I would place quark under K: Kvarg

  8. @Mazui – I highly quorn can be considered edible ;)

    I just thought of quail, Quaker’s oatmeal, quiche, quinoa, quesadilla. Quesadilla is a definite yum!

  9. It is supposed to be Swedish, that’s why the foods are not on the list. :)

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