Got $25,000? Get a Box for 30 Sq Feet

Only for 175,000 SEK (around $25,000) for a small box with four walls, a window, a roof, and a whole lot of space. On the market for 278 days and counting.

Even more expensive than Stockholm, 58 333 kr/m² for an apartment. To buy or not to buy…

12 thoughts on “Got $25,000? Get a Box for 30 Sq Feet”

  1. Hi Sapphire :)

    Have any recommendations on where I can find some fellow americans to hang out with?
    I’m 29, from the O.C., been living here for the past 5 years and in Stockholm. I have some great swedish friends but really miss having contact with my fellow americans … Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Pamela! You can check out:
    Expat Meetup Group
    American Club of Sweden
    American Women’s Club (something like that)
    The Liffy Bar in Gamla Stan
    Quiz Night at Southside at Zinkensdamn

    There are a few more but I’m totally forgetting them.

  3. @janerowena – Kinda, I mean it’s only 30sq feet and the ad doesn’t say if there is a WC, hot plate, sink, etc. There is however space for two tiny beds.

  4. Location, location, location… I saw the add, it has no WC, no water, no electricity, and the beds are 175 cm, so it’s not for the tall person… The beds are also on top of each other. But it does have a parking space, which is worth _a lot_ on that location by the sea. Still, it’s a lot of money…

    Here is the inside:

    And the ad (in swedish):

  5. hehehe, maybe its T.A.R.D.I.S style lol? :)))) (if anyone doesnt know – the T.A.R.D.I.S is a limelord spaceship thats bigger on the inside hehe – I love Dr Who :P) otherwise i cant imagine what to do with 30sqf :) my gadren shed is almost the same size and i only paid a couple of hundred £ for it – maybe i should sell it in sweden for some neat profit? :D

  6. I suppose it’s the same as having a tent, you still have to take cooking equipment and a portaloo with you, but at least you don’t have to erect a tent in the rain when you reach your destination!

    I think I’d be surreptitiously digging out the sand dunes further and adding an extension, though…

  7. Build a bunch of these apart, and connect them with underground tunnels! Perhaps even build up! 10 stories tall, 3sqm area. Could have a fire pole and rope ladder!

    The options are endless!

  8. Hey, this is my dream house on the French Riviera. And who needs WC or hot plate when you live on the beach. Hahahaha

  9. Yea, i’d like to see inside.

    Hahaha…you can always have a fire on the beach to make your dinner and the ocean for a shower.

  10. Is there gold inside? Or a mine that thing is sitting on top of? XD Good God! That is quite insane!!

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