6 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in May”

  1. From bacon wrapped filet mignon to white flakes of death, in late April/early May.

    Please remind me again, why do we live here, and not say….. Santa Barbra?

  2. Yep, snow up here too. However I felt better when I heard that earlier this week Albuquerque, New Mexico, got some snow too. It isn’t just us!

    @Andrew – its cause of the surstromming of course! ;)

  3. @SwedishFreak – And it’s not the beautiful women? The copious amounts of alcohol drank? The awesome archipelago? The insane taxes? The midnight sun? The endless winters? :)

  4. We did Mazui. I was walking up for the mail and thought it was cherry blossom dropping on me as the sun was still shining…Nup,was snow! (for about an hour. Didn’t really stick. I’m in Båstad.)

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