Wacky Hats at the Royal Wedding

I can’t help myself. I watched the Royal wedding between William and Kate on Friday. It was amazing to see Brits freaking out over the royal family. They’re rockstars in the UK!

Anyway, besides the fun of the wedding, I had to say British women are crazy for hat. They’re mad hatters!

What’s what the obsession/fascination with hat at British weddings?

Here’s my favorite trainwreck hat by Princess Beatrice. Perhaps an idea for the demotivate Sweden contest?

I thought Princess Victoria’s dress at her wedding was better but her coral dress and pedestrian hat for the Royal Wedding was a bomb. Oh Princess :(
swedish british hat

And speaking of weddings, this week I’ll post our wedding photos! Yayyy!

15 thoughts on “Wacky Hats at the Royal Wedding”

  1. Agreed, Crown Princess Victoria could have picked something a lot better, more stylish? It almost looks like she’s wearing a gardening hat on her way out to the country side.

    I was hoping someone would break out the “Lady Gaga” style!

  2. I liked the dress on Crown Princess Victoria, it was a nice fit (although the color was pretty lame, who wanna be covered from top to toe in beige?) However, you have to remember that this was not a black-tie event since it was held around noon. Then gentlemen should wear a morning suit and ladies an appropriate coctail dress, if you wanna follow “regulations” that is. Which you probably should since you’re at a royal wedding. As for the crazy hats, I really have no comments. It looks like people are going to a masquerade, so if I have to pick a hat I think Victorias pedestrian hat was pretty good cus at least it doesn’t look like an alien has landed on her head, although she could probably use the hat as an umbrella.

  3. Erik my love, that color is coral (or possibly peach). ;) Well the hat thing is British and customary in British wedding so I wished Victoria had stepped up and followed suit of the other guests. She looked incredibly plain, both in color and style, compared to everyone else. Though I heard someone from the Danish royal family double wore their outfit (quelle horreur!).

    Hats are a way to show your status and while I think Victoria’s hat is elegant, it looks too simple for a grand event. And considering that she can wear some great outfits at other events, I’m rather disappointed with her on this one.

  4. Oh, right, coral is definently the colour! I couldn’t decide if I should call it pink or beige (probably more pink then beige in fact) but coral it is, spot on! Coral isn’t really a colour in Swedish, that’s why (or at least, that is my lame excuse!) Well yea, she looked pretty plane but sometimes less is more really. I think that dress would have looked good if she wore it in another colour. What dress did you like the most? And please don’t say the brides dress ;)

    And the hat thing is really something super Brittish, it’s like one person started a trend and they’ve taken it a bit too far, you know like when you tell a joke and it stops being funny after a while. And in this case, Princess Beatrice took the joke too far and people are like “really Beatrice, really?”. And it looks like her sister (?) is wearing a tiny, blue pirate hat with grapes OR a red artichoke on it. And the hat you linked looks like she has taken a cymbal from a drumset.

  5. Hats are traditional at Our (British) weddings, but heard on the commentary that Kate has a passion for hats and stipulated everyone wore one, as fashionable (see “bizarre”) as possible. She was trying to promote British milliners apparently.

  6. @Dano – If fashionable means get REALLLLLLLLLY drunk (or use other narcotics) and come up with magical animals you wish to wear on your head for a wedding, then count me out. Those hats should have NEVER seen the light of day.

  7. Hats are recommend

    ed at British church weddings..not elsewhere.
    Agreed Princess Victoria looks pedestrian; her outfit is ageing, esp the neckline.

    Favourite outfit for me was Samantha Cameron, British PM’s wife.

  8. It’s up to the bride and groom to choose the dress code of the wedding. If they say hats then you go get hat and wear it. It doesn’t have to be new but it should be dressy.

    Traditionally both men and women wore hats to church (with the men taking them off inside) but now very few people go to church, so churches are just glad to have you there. Other religions still insist on adults covering their heads inside places of worship so it’s not as weird as it seems.

    Also now in the UK there are very few occasions where you can wear a hat so if you give people a chance they will wear one i.e. Ladies Day at race courses like Ascot.

  9. A somewhat late reply: I think Crown Princess Victoria has the right idea. A wedding should be all about the bride and the groom. Guests should of course follow the dress code, yet try to dress so discreetly as possible, so as not to stand out and “take over” the ceremony. I’d say it would be good etiquette to leave all things extravagant to the bride (and to a lesser extent the groom – male formal wear being what it is).

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