Valborg 2011 in Stockholm

Valborg is the time of the year to banish the witches away and burn fires. Since the witches made it back from Blåkulla, April 30th is the day to really get rid of them once and welcome spring.

Around Sweden and the Nordic region, people celebrate by having a champagne brunch, drink beer, eat food, and sing, lots of singing takes place. In Gothenburg the famous Cortege parade takes places with tons of crazy floats from Chalmers University.

Here are photos from Valborg!
Stockholm City Hall
stockholm stadshuset

valborg bonfire at riddarholmen

bonfire at skansen

If you want to see one of the controlled fires check out the famous spots in the city or DN for bonfires around the county.

View Valborg Stockholm 2011 in a larger map

Vasaparken/Odenplan- fire starts at 20:15
Riddarholmen- fire starts at 20:00
Skansen Park- fire starts at 21:00
Siggesta Gård- fire starts at 20:00
Rålambshovsparken- fire starts at 20:10
Enskedefältet- fire starts at 20:00
Norra Ängby- fire starts at 20:00
Långholmen- fire starts at 20:00
Hammarbybacken- fire starts at 20:00
Skälby Gård- fire starts at 21:00
Götiska tornet, Drottningholm- fire starts at 21:00
Ekebyhovs slottspark- fire starts at 20:00
Hässelängen, Hässelby gård – fire starts at 20:00
Eggeby gård, Järvafältet – fire starts at 20:00
Baset i Järfälla- fire starts at 20:30
Skytteholm- fire starts at 20:30
Vällingby- fire starts at 20:00 (Grimsta Square)
Vårby Strandbad- fire starts at 20:00 (No dogs or cars)
Råcksta- fire starts at 18:00 (T-bana: Råcksta or Vällingby)
Drottningholm- fire starts at 21:00
Järfälla- fire starts at 18:00 (Skälby gård hill)
Hässelby- fire starts at 20:00 (Riddersviks gård, Ridder Allé, 11)
Sollentuna- fire starts at 20:00 (Torparängen)

List courtesy of YourLivingCity.

princess Madeleine yummy boobsPS. I suppose everyone will be watching the Royal Wedding today between Kate and William. So do people hate as much on the British Royal Family as they do on the Swedish royal family? And btw, Prince William is just not as hot as he used to be; looks like daddy Charles. Eeek!

4 thoughts on “Valborg 2011 in Stockholm”

  1. BTW, the Google map is NOT updated with all the spots in the city. But the list has everything big in the Stockholm area.

  2. Sounds like an interesting night. If anyone goes to one of the planned fires (like Sapphire *hint hint!! ) :) would you please make a video or take some pictures and post them on this site for everyone to enjoy? I would love to see the floats and hear the dancing and frivolity.

  3. Ana, going to post photos now!

    They don’t do any floats or parades (don’t think so at least) in Stockholm so just have a few photos of the bonfires in Stockholm.

  4. In Finland on Vappu eve people get drunk and party – they don’t do bonfires due to the trees. Then the next day you are suppose to go on a picnic in the forests, near the sea or near a lake and have a barbecue. That’s if you get to bed at a decent time. ;)

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