Demotivate Sweden & Win an LP Travel Book

Okay, it’s contest time here. I know I don’t have many contests, because well, I’m too cheap and too poor to offer anything more worthwhile than a $10 beer. This time, it’s different! And it’s the first official contest here.

You can win a digital copy of the Lonely Planet Sweden book. Yay! Now you know where to visit when you come to this glorious country. Or if you’re living here, this is a great way to learn more about the North Pole.

The Rules:

  • Create a motivational or demotivational poster about Sweden. Swedish girls, Swedish booze, Swedish cars, whatever floats your boat. Visit the Demotivator site to create your poster.
  • You may use any photo but do not be inflammatory, racist, derogatory, or an ass. Your poster will be disqualified.
  • Email your poster to me and I will post on the Facebook fan page (you posting is not valid as it’s against the FB terms, morons). Get the most number of likes and win! You can email me at ablacksapphire at gmail dot com.
  • The contest will run until May 10st, GMT 23.59 so email me with your entrants!

The poster with the most likes, wins eternal glory and the LP travel book on Sweden.

The winner and the runners up will have their posters posted here as well.

Easy enough, so get demotivating!

10 thoughts on “Demotivate Sweden & Win an LP Travel Book”

  1. I’m actually excited to see what people come up with! I know we were having a riot last night laughing over some of the photos at Swedish clubs.

  2. Mr. Formica! The link didn’t work because you have to login to see it. Email it to me so I can post it to Facebook.

  3. OMG I M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, SAPPHIRE!! WOHOO!! I will create my poster as soon as Im done writing my blessed honors thesis due this week. Poster here I come! <3

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